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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KT By Election: Ceramah Online Series 1

Malaysiakini is late on the KT nomination story. Malaysiakini has yet to update since their last report at 11.45am.
KT By Election: Ceramah Online

The battle has begun and we see a three corner fight between PAS' Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut, Barisan Nasional's Wan Ahmad Farid and independent candidate Azharudin Mamat.

This blogger unfortunately cannot join others on the battle ground at Kuala Trengganu but will assist to ensure that PR/PAS win this battle. Ceramah online will let KT voters know why they have everything to gain by voting for PR/PAS and will lose everything for voting umno/bn. If you have friends or relatives voting in this KT by-election, please do your part by using this SMS Campaign.

Some pictures and stories were borrowed from other bloggers on the ground like, Haris and Zorro.

We begin the first series on the nominations.

umno/bn news are not portraying a true picture on the ground by reporting that the BN supporters at the nomination centre numbered 30,000 while the Pakatan supporters were only 15,000. We can let them spin whatever they want on the numbers of supporters but the only numbers that they cannot spin is the final votes result figure.

The pictures below will tell you the true story.


umno supporters

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