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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Malaysiakini: Missing PKR Duo Be Brave To Fight The Evil Force

Please take note that background music is embed in this blog. The song title "Just Change" is to remind everyone that the fight for change must continue until it takes place. Leave a comment on whether you like the song embedded.

umno can and will do anything to ensure their hanging on to power. I had said this before and I will say it again.

This is what umno/bn stood for.

"We can do what we like unto you but we will not tolerate anyone doing the same unto us."

No point for PKR to hold meeting about the missing duo. What they need to do now is to send our their feelers to get evidence that umno/najib is behind this. Find a solid proof that umno/najib is buying them over with threats and not just money.

Question the integrity of the newly set up MACC, whether the duo corruption cases will still be fully investigated if they cross over to umno.

Defect or not, its up to the duo. They must have realized by now how Pakatan Rakyat works and that umno is dieing a slow death. They must show their strength to fight against umno evil force. It will be good with a clear conscious that they can come out to expose how umno/najib treat or threat them to cross over.

Just to remind the duo that the rakyat wants a government that look after and take care of the people first before selves. umno/najib cannot and never will place the people first but themselves.

Malaysiakini Missing PKR duo: Perak Pakatan holds meeting. The meeting chaired by Perak MB Mohammad Nizar, which kicked off at 9.30am, is to discuss the continued absence of two of its state cabinet members.

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