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Friday, January 9, 2009

KT By Election: Ceramah Online Series 9 - Food Prices Keep Rising

Malaysiakini political news. Malaysiakini reports:Najib: Hudud row shows Pakatan's flaws.
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Our great leaders are at their best in calling the rakyat to "change your lifestyle" when they cannot handle the economy downturn. Well, I did listen to them, I sold my six years old kanchil and bought a 15 years old honda cup. It helps for a while but the money save is fast diminishing due to food prices that keep spiralling.

The great leaders do not care whether you die or not and are not doing anything to fight the inflation. All they want is to win the KT by-election to remain stronger and suck more out of the rakyat hard earn money.

Did I hear them talking how they are going to help us overcome the present economy meltdown? No, they are talking about hudud and religion as if that can fill our hungry stomach.

Yes I am talking about our soon to be PM, Najib.

Malaysiakini has a report of his statement:
Najib: Hudud row shows Pakatan's flaws
The hudud row shows that Pakatan Rakyat is a loose coalition without a common policy with the sole ambition of toppling Barisan Nasional, said the deputy premier.

He is right, Pakatan has flaws and do not tell me umno/bn have no flaws. Pray tell me Najib, why should we agree with you when your umno/bn have a common policy that does not serve the rakyat equally? Why do you have to keep on harping on religious issues when the country is facing economy meltdown.

Let me ask you with anger, what you are going to do about this.

Before the petrol price shot up to RM2.70/litre, a plate of char koay teow cost me RM2.20 and a packet of kampong nasi lemak, RM1.00.

When the petrol price touch RM2.70, my plate of char koay teow shot up to RM2.50 and nasi lemak RM1.20

Now that the petrol price came down to RM1.90, I was shock that my char koay teow went up to RM2.80 and nasi lemak RM1.50. What is wrong. I ask the seller why the price increase as the petrol price had come down. Their answer is the same, the ingredients they purchase have increase even though the petrol price has come down.

So, MR soon to be PM, do not stir up unwarranted issues such as religion and race and start thinking how you are going to steer this country to a better platform.

KT Voters, please remember that religion and race are not the main issues of this country but the welfare of all Malaysians are. As I had mention many times in my past posting, umno is not fighting to win this by election to serve the rakyat but themselves. We know that this country is not run by leaders with integrity, capability and honesty. Your only choice is to vote umno out.


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