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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Paula Khoo Left Hanging!

Malaysiakini news. Malaysiakini in blogs mentioned of Paula reporting to the police.
Paula Khoo reported to the Patani Road Police Station early this morning as requested. A group of supporters were there including MP Liew Chin Tong. Her husband and lawyer went in together with her to see the officer in charge.

The supporters had to wait outside the gate and many expected that it will take a while for them to come out depending whatever the police is going to do with the case.

Surprisingly in less than 10 minutes they are out. Paula was told to wait for the police to call her with no time frame as to when.

So the waiting game continues with Paula left hanging not knowing, why, how, when and where this case is leading too. The time is on the police side, they can just drag on while Paula has to balance out how and what she is going to do next.

Everyone is hoping that Najib, the PM in waiting, calls for change will walk his talk. We need him to change the manner of the pdrm the way they handle the public. Please do not repeat your statement that "the law is the law" when you do not act according to the law such as when those who are pro-umno who acted against the law are not dealt with while a small group of people voicing their unhappiness with the government are severely punished.

When can we have a neutral pdrm running this country without any obligation to any parties and perform their duties with integrity, honesty and fairness?

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  1. Hi Richard,

    Thanks a lot for this post which I only discovered this evening!

    From your posts, I can see that your blogging is getting better and better!!!

    Keep up the good work and may God bless you and yours.

    Thanks so much for standing with me in solidarity and for being a very real person, also for all your timely counsel and advice. I really appreciate it and will never forget your kindness.




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