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Thursday, January 15, 2009

KT By Election: Ceramah Online Series 17 - Najib Force To Tell Lies

Malaysiakini KT news. Malaysiakini reports:Ahmad Said not that popular and Ezam shows letter.
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Najib is now force to tell lies in order to save umno from losing in this by-election.

By Carolyn Hong, The Straits Times

MALAYSIAN Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak sought to reassure Chinese voters here that the government is not discriminatory after a survey showed that the Chinese vote in Kuala Terengganu may have tilted in favour of the opposition.

'I hope that all will support the Barisan Nasional because what we have achieved today is the result of the BN's policies. Our policies are fair,' he said yesterday ahead of the Kuala Terengganu by-election on Saturday. Read full report at Malaysia Today.

He is good in disguising his lies, he dare not say "EQUAL" instead he uses "FAIR". What is the different?

EQUAL means "Neither Inferior Nor Superior"

FAIR means "Considerable, Satisfactory"

You see the difference.

When you use the word EQUAL, it means that there is no such things as ketuanan and NEP.

When you use the word FAIR, it means you are also treated well but there is always a gap that other can be more well treated than you because of certain factors. You have to be satisfied that you are being considered irrespective whether others are getting more than you and whether you like it or not.

Is Najib/umno policies being fair as he claimed it to be. I abstract a few comments from Malaysia Today to enlighten your dull day.

When one or two of your people misspeak, it was not your policy. Then why don't you put them under ISA? If and when the opposition misspeak, your dogs will jump the gun very fast and put them under ISA. IS THAT YOUR POLICY??IS THAT BN POLICY? Such a matured man and also a matured party that already ruled the country for 52 years yet acting like a child. You can remain a child for as long as you like, BUT we are NOT, understand? So, now let's have a free n fair election and see whether the people of Trengganu will buy that policy of yours.

Bull Shit! I am a Chinese and my son scored 5A’s in STPM but was denied by BN Government to do medicine in local U. You said that is fair?

Fair my foot,your kids attend International school but our kids have to attend Sekolah kebangsaan ! Lets all attend International schools then we talk about fairness.

True, what we achieve today is of BN policies. Truth is, without BN, we could have achieved much more given our resource, talent, our strategic location and a optimal population base. We've squander tens of billions through corruption and NEP, and more through incompetent management and cronynism. We could have been a country with at least USD15,000 per capita income, 0% poverty and a developed country by now.

Look, give all the jobs and contracts and scholarships to the non malays and let us tell the malays that we are fair to them!

" Mr Najib also clarified that some of the statements made by party leaders are not official party policies."

Sometimes, it is not us, it is not our policies. One or two people may misspeak, but it is not our policy. Our policy has never been extreme,' he said.

I am amazed he could make such a statement with a straight face. For someone who personally threatened to bathe a keris with Chinese blood and kept mum when UMNO members made all sorts of threats against the non Malays at their General Assembly, these are not "misspeak" but insitutionalized racist statements.

And when UMNO leaders the likes of Ahmad Ismail and Khir Toyo made those racist comments, the deafening silence and refusal of the top UMNO leaders to reprimand and correct them until pressured to do so speaks volumes and confirms it is UMNO/BN policy to be racist. And how do you explain the double standard in the arrest of the Sin Chew reporter and Teresa Kok under the ISA when their UMNO accusers who told lies deliberately are let off scot free?

KT Voters, is this the type of PM that you want, that can twist and turn his lies to get your vote? You have to start somewhere to ensure that this country will not go down the drain by all these dishonest and incapable leaders including the KT MP you are about to vote. You can vote out umno in this KT by-election and the rest will follow by the next GE to topple umno/bn.


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  1. To Najis, Fair means umno gets 70% and chinese gets 30%, so the word equal cannot be used. Chinese gets 12A in SPM cannot get scholarship or a place in UM. Umno children with 5A can get. Ask Najis what he means. This is the time to wag him.

  2. At least, he is smarter with his words. Else, he will get another Rotten eggs.



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