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Monday, January 19, 2009

Umno Thinks That Arrogant, Greed And Lies Will Still Work

Malaysiakini news. Malaysiakini headlines:After KT, there is hope for Sarawak.
The result is known and umno once again is greeted with a welcome LOST. It looks like any future by-elections will greet umno with more welcome LOSTS. They simply just love to be losers and keep on ignoring the very tenet of their loses. Wave, after wave of strong signal for change do not deter them and they keep on believing in themselves that all is still fine with umno/bn and this is what the PM-in-waiting claims after the lost at KT.

"I am confident that in the end the people will be confident of BN and in a democracy we respect the people's choice"

How can a leader speaks about democracy when he does not understand what democracy is about.

I will touch on the three basic tenets of umno/bn thus their losing heavily in the March 8th, 12th General Elections and the continuous lost in 2 by-elections.

Arrogant - Greed - Lies


Making exorbitant claims on account of one's rank, power, worth, proud and assuming. This is what my 'Home Study Dictionary' explains to mean.

By using the power (invested upon you by the people) to contain the voices of the people crying for help and want equal justice. Instead of deploying the police force to fight real crimes that are on the rise, you used the police force to protect and carry out your bidding. What is the justification by deploying 8,000 police force for a by-election?

You always claim that "the law is the law" and nobody is above the law but you do not practice them. The arrogant in you allow that you and umno can be above the law. You practice double standard in applying all the laws of this country, one standard for you/umno and the other to all those that opposes you or voice out your wrong doing.


An eager desire for anything. You/umno quest for power and money never cease to amaze the general public. The greed is so glaring in all your faces that each time you mention of any contract or development that is suppose to be for the rakyat, the public will always sense that a large chunk of the fund will go to someone within umno. Its not the perception of the people but its simply the truth in it. In the early stages you skim thousands of ringgit, than it grows to millions, still not enough and now its in the billion and I am sure if no one were to stop you/umno from the greed, it will soon be in the trillion.


To utter falsehood with an intention to deceive, to knowingly utter untruth.

"Rosmah told the KT voters that she will never ever step foot into KT if umno loses the KT by election." We will have to wait and see if this is a lie.

There are many lies perpetuated by you/umno especially on promises during elections and by elections that most of it did not materialized. Today I am not dwelling into all these unkept promises but only on the ISA.

ISA is the biggest lie that you and umno have to use to keep you in power. I thought all religions including Islam forbid one to tell lies, but ISA is not the case. You can lie through your teeth and still got the face to talk about religion.

How can you put someone under the ISA arrest if you cannot have any proof to charge them in the first place. In order to justify the arrest you have to tell lies. The Hindraf 5 were put under the ISA arrest because we are told that they have connections with terrorism. If you have proof that they are connected with terrorism, why not charge them first and if found true, then, by all means use the ISA against them. It is just because of the threat against you/umno that you have to fabricate lies to shut them out.

Raja Petra is a real threat to your losing power and he must be detained under the ISA and with what proof, umno famous fabricated lies.

Teresa KOk case is the worst, using a lie to lie. You/umno uses the lie by utusan/toyol to fabricate another lie to justify the ISA arrest against Teresa.

And for journalist Tan Hoon Cheng ISA arrest, the mother of all lies. Using the ISA arrest to protect someone. I just cannot describe any further how far you/umno can go on telling lies just to ensure the power and money are always there for you all.

Well, the people are no longer living in the jungle and on top of trees anymore. Its rise and shine for the rakyat and they have woken up and realized that this country cannot have leaders that are ARROGANT, GREEDY and telling Lies.

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