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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Frogs Jump Confirmed And Perak Fallen

Please take note that background music is embedded in this blog. The song title "Just Change" is to remind everyone that the fight for change must continue until it takes place. Leave a comment or advise about the embedded song. Good or bad!

From Malaysiakini Report:

Najib said at his press conference that the Barisan Nasional has the support of the four former Pakatan Perak assemblypersons - three will be "BN-friendly" Independents, while Nasarudin will rejoin Umno.

Najib will meet the Perak Sultan as soon as possible. He said it is up to the sultan to decide on Nizar's request for dissolution of the assembly.

At the same venue, Nasarudin denied the claim that he had been abducted.

What and why these frogs decided to jump, "MONEY & POSITION"? The only thing I can say is the same as what umno/bn said about their man jumping over to PR - Weak and Immoral. So can PR supporters allow to hold a big demonstration as instigated by umno earlier?

Still waiting for the PR MB to announce whether the Sultan has agree to disolve the Perak state assembly.

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