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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Raja Petra Speaks His Mind To All Rakyat Malaysiakini

In my earlier posting Raja Petra Wants PR Senior Leader Heads To Roll, I mentioned this:

I am sure he will respond to the star report and provide his thoughts in Malaysia Today's blog after he is done with attending the court cases he is having now.

This is his response in his No Holds Barred column today:

So, while it is well and fine that Karpal wants Anwar to resign, I was of the opinion that if resignations were in order then all the top leaders of the three parties must resign. The press reported that I said all three top leaders must resign -- Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Hadi Awang -- which is not what I said. In fact, when the press asked me whether I meant the three top leaders, I replied, “Not three. Why three? It may even be 30. All those responsible for the decision that resulted in what happened in Perak are equally responsible.”

For the full text please visit Malaysia Today here.

The press will always try their best to distort whatever statement given by those who are against the present ruling government. Will they ever learn? NO is the right answer and what must we do to teach them to report the truth, nothing but the truth?


Although Malaysiakini is leaning towards the ruling regime, at least Malaysiakini reports are more truthful


  1. Raja Petra has the right to speak his truth! That's what freedom of speech means, of which Raja Petra has made so much contribution for the benefit of all Malaysians. Of course, not evryone is perfect, and Pakatan Rakyat must ensure, no more corrupted, power-hungry maniacs and double-face politicians, that even slept with (foreign) prostitutes (these women are exploited enough)! Those two PKR defectors must be still brought to court for corruption and for the prostitution charges!

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)


  2. Thanks for the clarification, Sir. All of us knew its the MSM spinning lies and doesn't buy any of it and their publications, let it go into the records(yet again) ever more reasons why we do not subscribe to MSM bs!



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