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Sunday, February 8, 2009

IGP Malaysiakini Tan Sri Musa Hassan, What Is Your Take On This..

More at Malaysiakini on the Perak crisis: Nizar: Up to Karpal to pursue case against sultan .
I have the feeling all along that evil umno plot to take over Perak is the beginning of more destruction on the way. They had planned every step to ensure instability spreading throughout Perak and on to other states under Pakatan Rakyat. They are going all out, without any consideration for the security of this country, to wrest powers from States that are under Pakatan Rakyat rule, by all means.

The MalaysianInsider has this report:
IPOH, Feb 8 – The mercury is set to rise further in Perak tomorrow with plans for Umno Youth to hold a rally supporting the constitutional monarchy, in particular Sultan Azlan Shah, much criticised for his role in the transfer of power in the state.

As of this posting we have not hear any warning given by Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan regarding this evil umno demonstration.

When Pakatan Rakyat plan to have a rally this is what Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan spit from his mouth:

(The Star) - Pakatan Rakyat supporters have been urged not to hold any illegal gatherings or demonstrations in Perak.

Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan advised all those concerned to adhere to the laws.

“Let the due process of law take its course. We will not allow any form of illegal gatherings or demonstrations to be held anywhere in Perak or any part of the country,” he said.

Musa said the police would not hesitate to take stern action against anyone who flouted the law.

“Policemen in Perak have been told to take action against anyone without fear or favour,” he added.

He said the situation in Perak was under control and no untoward incidents had been reported thus far.

“I urge politicians from both parties to advise their supporters to remain calm and to adhere to police advice,” he added.

We are waiting to see whether the great talker Tan Sri Musa Hassan walks his talk.

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