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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rakyat Malaysiakini , Be Afraid, Be Very Very Afraid

Malaysiakini on the political impasse...Karpal takes MACC chief to task and Constitutional monarchy revisited.

The Chinese usher in the Year Of The Ox, believing that a mix of good and bad omen will befall onto this country. Many fortune tellers, astrologists, feng shui masters had their say on what will happen to Malaysia in the year 2009. I will not dealt into details of what their predictions were, you can make a search on Google or just get one of their books to read.

Two weeks from now, Pakatan Rakyat will be celebrating their first anniversary of the 12th GE wins while evil umno/bn will be mourning for their lost.

In general, most humans are intelligent enough to know or are willing to learn from their mistake and take cue not to repeat them and offer sincere apology. Many tend to believe in GOD and pray for his guidance and strength when something really bad happen to them and quickly repent for their sins or when they are about to die.

The famous saying "GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS" comes to mind. I seldom want to talk or debate about GOD or anything related to religious believes. Since the political situation is in such a mess and it involves human fighting against human for something that these humans thought are their birth rights to do so without any respect for the law. Worst still, they have totally forgotten about GOD when they committed all kind of sins to ensure that they get what they want.

What I see from the political happenings now is a clear sign that GOD is planning something for this country. We can see the signs but not what actually is going to happen. The 12th GE tsunami, the fall of five states, two by-elections, the coup d'etat in Perak, the death of an MP, resignation of two state assemblymen and we can expect more bad political encounters.

We need to look into these political messes in detail whether GOD is giving us some signs that danger are lurking in front of us. It is a believe that when something is beyond repair, it has to be totally destroyed, then rebuild with added improve structures to withstand any future disaster.

Is Malaysia going to be destroyed due to political impasse and rebuild again by a new set of leaders with integrity and honesty?

For those leaders who are great believer and fearful of GOD, please repent and stop whatever you all are trying to do. The signs from GOD are very clear and should you all continue not to heed GOD signs, the destruction of this country will be inevitable. Think again, do you want this country to be destroyed, which will destroy you all as well, just because of power and money. Walk the right path now, save this country from destruction while you can and GOD will reward you more than what you are achieving now.


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