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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who Is Calling Who Weak, Immoral And To Start Demonstration? Malaysikini

Malaysiakini latest news: Perak gov't on the brink of collapse
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Who Is Calling Who Weak, Immoral And Start A Demonstration?

Perak had fallen and umno/bn is trying to form the new state government. PR state assemblymen/women who are defecting are seen as angel by the same goons who called those that defect from umno/bn weak, immoral and planned to stage huge demonstration.

We are hoping now that the Sultan will grant the PR MB an audience and to agree to the dissolution of the state assembly. On the other side umno/bn are preparing to stage a take over bid.

The people of Perak must not forget today the 4th Feb 2009, how umno/bn play their dirty politics with power and money. Should the Sultan grant the dissolution and pave way for new election, Perakians must ensure PR win more seats.

Will update as the news developed.

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