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Monday, February 16, 2009

Malaysiakini X-MB Toyo To Quite Politics

Mlaysiakini headlines : "She must quit, says Khir Toyo Selangor opposition leader Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has urged a state executive councillor to resign following the circulation of her nude photographs."

Why she must quite, it's because she sleep naked. Sound strange, not to the pea size brain of x-mb toyo. According to this toyo, you cannot be naked anywhere anytime while you are still a politician, especially when you are an elected representatives.

The public now need not have to pray hard for their MP or Adun to die before a by-election is call, in order to receive huge funds and development. They just need to snap a naked photo of the politician they do not like, bingo, this politician must resign paving the way for a by-election.

So, in order to ensure that their naked photos are not taken, they must be fully dressed when they want to do the following things.

Sleep - For this action, there is no problem

But for these actions, maybe the pea sized toyo can advise us how to go about doing them.

Bathing Urinating Excreting Making Love (legally)

This is to say that x-mb toyo will have to quite politics, once someone show a naked photo of him in any of the above action that he takes.



  1. hahhaa.... nice 1 thr.. this toyo have a toyol size brainz!

  2. khir toyo is stupid.what else is there to it?
    he tells lies, creates mischief,trouble causer. he will pay and be answerable to GOD and he will be crying for all that he has done.
    Havent we seen this scene many times.I hope they allow SULA and that will be a great movie to watch!!

  3. sexual exposure and nudity doesn't determine someone's work performance...

    if someone that is not exposed BUT HE can't perform his job...

    who is the one whom "MUST QUIT"??

  4. Pathetic this Khir Toyo isn't it? He has Javanese ancestry and is strategically stirring up racial hatred towards non-Malay communities just as they did in Indonesia, towards non-Javanese communities - remember the massacre of the Chinese Indonesians, Christians in Sulawesi, Christian Ibans and West Papuans in Kalimantan and Balinese Hindus? Plus, during his reign as Selangor MB, many low cost flats and land for villages have been sold to Indonesian Javanese migrants - check out Batu Caves! Can an investigative jornalist do some investigation to see if he goes to any lounge and sleep with the hostesses there, as typical of many Malay politicians? When I was detained in the cell, during the International Human Rights Day March in Dec 207, a Malay hostess who was also in the cell for taking drugs, from a lounge in Klang told me, not just politicians but also many Malay Policemen forcing the boss to force hostesses to provide sexual service as "bribe"! Such hypocrites! And they dare to judge Ms. Wong, in her personal space. Besides, the focus should be on the criminal ex-boyfriend, who is the scum of the earth, for selling off (I bet!) such private photos! Be strong and challenge such hypocrisy with dignity and confidence; I will pray for you with Christ today Ms. Wong!

    Katharina Sri (former: Noor Aza Othman)

  5. khir is suspicious,
    did he saw the photo before he ask Eli to quit?
    how come he is so fast giving his words on the matter?
    smell fishy anyone?



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