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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rakyat Malaysiakini, Please Show Your Respect To The Sultan

Many are very angry with the Perak Sultan decision not to dissolve the State Assembly. Derogatory remarks on the Sultan are aplenty on the cybersphere.

Rakyat Malaysiakini, please remember, we are fighting the evil force of umno and not the Sultan. We really do not know what transpired between evil umno and the Sultan. For all we know the Sultan may have been misled by evil umno to make the coup d'etat a success.

Please stop blaming the Sultan for his decision and cool down. Let the PR politicians take the matter to court for it to be resolved. And there are laws and constitutions that can guide the Sultan to reverse his decision, if any of the expert can advise the PR politicians how to go about.

We challenge and fight with evil umno and not the Sultan. Please respect our Sultan and Royalties even if they may have done wrong due to certain advises being given by his advisers.

The Royalties are our only hope for the future should evil umno try something funny against the rakyat. Evil umno may win this one but they are not going to keep on winning by using dubious means.

Remain calm and stay on course for the 13th General Election where we will have the opportunity to kick out evil umno.


  1. Here's my reply to yor pathetic primitive loyalty! It's the modern world for goodness sake!

    This is the reason why Monarchy must be abolished, in a progressive century of achieving true and secular democracy. The self-elected monarchy in Malaysia, with 9 Kings who are mainly millionaires, by selling many of state land that belong to the rakyat such as natural forests and seaside, to logging companies and developers, are a travesty of true justice, equality and democracy in a progressive modern world, and to the poor in Malaysia! And to fair and just-minded Islam.

    Katharina Sri (former Noor Aza Othman)

  2. Hi Katharina,

    Thanks for your comment. First you must understand, Malaysia under umno does not recognized this so call modern world. They will use the racial card to stop anything that disrupt their power and wealth. They are ever so willing and happy to see chaos erupt and this is the one opportunity that can happen if the rakyat cannot realize this and push the Sultan too far whereby umno will send in their so call members of three millions to defend the Sultan (although hypocritically). Thus, if we are not careful we will fall again into umno's trap. This is not the time yet to talk about the abolishing of the Monarchy. Malaysia under umno have no intention at all in bringing the country to face the modern world. Hope that you understand our local situation and the situation here cannot be compared to Germany or elsewhere.

  3. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your comment. But, the problem is as long as the Malays (I was one of them) are brainwashed to regard these self-elected kings (or clerics, for that matter) as if untouchables and God-selected, Malaysia will never have true democracy. And the Malays will not have the capability to have intelligent consciousness to get out and get rid of their submissive and pagan loyalty to unjust rulers, the kings, clerics or from UMNO.

  4. I think the Sultan is being made a scapegoat and it was all the while Najib's Sun Tzu Art of War. So folks - vent it out on the BN folks... not on the Sultan. He could be out of touch with reality since most of the information are being fed by the government. So let's take it this way - hentam BN kaw kaw...and Sultan will see the light.

  5. I WAS a firm believer previously our Perak Sultan is different. Different from other monarchy in the country. Heck, he's an ex-Chief Judge... so, I expected him to be a staunch upholder of justice.

    I WAS naive. Naive to the point of being stupid. Now I understand MAN can never be fair beyond their own self-interest. Royal blood or otherwise. So, in the future, if he wants to earn our loyalty/respect, he's gotta EARN IT like a man. Sorry, no more freebies!



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