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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rakyat Malaysia Won't Tolerate Any Abuse Of Power By The Govt

Govt won't tolerate any abuse of power, says Najib

najib is totally wrong in saying that. He knows very well that his government control by evil umno are abusing their powers to no end. What action did he take, NONE, except for his talk, talk and more talk. He cannot put into action to all his talks.

"If any individual at any organisation is found to have abused his or her powers, we will take appropriate action.

"But proper investigations have to be undertaken first," he said

You see, there is always a caveat to all his talks. "But proper investigations have to be undertaken first" and we all know where and how it will land up, "THE INVESTIGATIONS SHOW THAT THERE IS NO ABUSE OF POWER, CASE CLOSE" but this applies only to evil umno/bn. For others and the oppositions, they are quick to announce that they have sufficient proof to charge the offender.

The abuse of power by evil umno/bn government is so glaring and yet how many cases go to court or rather how many cases are being fully investigated and charged. Your answer is as good as mine.

najib, is pouring millions of ringgit into the recent Kuala Trengganu by-election, the grabbing of Perak State Government, by not appealing against the acquittal of Razak but adamant to see RPK goes back to detention under the ISA not an abuse of power? There are many more cases of abuse of power out there but do we have hope that you will sincerely and with honesty launch full scale investigations into them?

najib, please look in the mirror and ask yourself this question, "who in the government are abusing their power with impunity?"

Is it yourself, the judiciary, the newly minted macc, the pdrm, the ministers ( especially the home minister ) or the oppositions.

najib, let me tell you this,


So will you start to take action by investigating yourself and any of your ministers and evil umno/bn members? What actions are you going to take on the murders of Kunan and Altantuya?

If you cannot, than please stop all the rhetoric statements to show how good you are going to be as the next pm.

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