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Monday, February 9, 2009

Can This Be Justified As Law In Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini reports: 500 gather to back Malay Rulers.
As the crisis in Perak continues, evil umno is trying to deflect their evil doing by staging unlawful demonstrations in support of the Sultan albeit hypocritically. Another, is pointing fingers and accusing Anwar of starting the frog jumping, which means to say that, even if it is illegal, you can say it but we do it, that will turn it legal.

This is a short story, I am not sure whether it is true, but I leave it to the audience to judge for themselves.

In an exclusive sub-urban estate, housing about 30 units of posh bungalows, guarded by 24 hours security with five feet tall perimeter wall surrounding the estate. The owners of these bungalows knew each other and are quite friendly, even though they are from different political divides.

There is still an empty unit unoccupied and it was learnt that a new owner had just bought over and will be moving in on the 8th of March 2008. Truly, come 8th of March, they saw a family of five moving in and the friendly neighbors approach and welcome them. They introduce each other and they learn that this family comprises of a couple with their two sons and a daughter. Many male eyes were zooming in at the daughter, age 21, very beautiful and are told that she is still a virgin.

After their welcome visit ended, the neighbors walk back to their own home. Along the way, two men, one living just right across this new neighbor (we call him Mr. A), the other down the road ( we call him Mr. B) started to talk about this beautiful daughter. As many say, man will be always man when comes to beautiful girls.

As they converse, suddenly Mr. A scream out that he cannot stand any longer. He stress that he must court the daughter to be his second wife or if he cannot have her, he will rape her. Mr. B was shock and try to cool Mr. A and provide him some advises.

Days pass by and each time when Mr. A meets up with Mr. B, he will keep on saying that he wants to rape the daughter. After a few months, Mr. B feels that he himself cannot control his lust anymore and warn Mr. A not to touch the daughter.

One fine day, on the 5th of Feb 2009, the new neighbor house was crowded with people and they learn that the daughter was raped by Mr. B who was still at the scene, laughing and feel proud of what he had done and even sign a check for 10 million ringgit and threw it at the family face. The police did not catch him and advise the family to make a proper police report and take the case to court.

On the day of the court case, the defender defends himself arguing that he did not start it. It was Mr. A who keep saying that he wants to rape the daughter but could not do it. Mr. A pronouncements make me feel the urge to do it and I am not wrong for raping the daughter, its Mr. A fault.

The court case did not last even one day and the judge gave his statement and set Mr. B free. The judge decisively agree with Mr. B that what he did was not wrong, its because of Mr. A who should not have started talking about raping the daughter.

A few days later, it was learn that Mr. A Mr B was a high profile leader with the ruling party AMNO and the judge was bought over by AMNO as well. Mr. B Mr. A and the new neighbor were from a smaller opposition party who were just trying to live a new life in this posh neighborhood.

The moral of this story is that power and money can go a long way, including reversing the law to suit the situation at that moment of time.

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