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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rakyat Malaysiakini, The Change Of Federal Government Is Imminent

Malaysiakini, rich in natural resource, vast land, high IQ human resources and with multi-racial compositions should by now be among the world top ten most developed countries. But where do we stand now? What causes our inability to reach the world status of a developed country? The one and only answer is, we the rakyat voted in incompetence, corrupt, dishonest and can talk but not walk government.

51 years of independent, about the same time Korea just started to rebuild after the Korean war and Japan rebuilding after ending of the 2nd world war with two atomic bombs landed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Just compare with these two countries and see how far behind we are. But the government is always in denial and said we cannot compare with them but boasted that we are among the best as compared to Sudan, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, and those other third world countries. We cannot compare with Singapore, as Singapore is just a tiny red dot.

Are we moving forward and looking towards a better future with these same old arrogant umno/bn governing? They keep on saying they will change ever since their disastrous encounter in the 12th general election and we have yet to see any. Instead of looking after the welfare of the country and its rakyat, they are plotting and planning how to overthrow the duly elected government of the five states that fell to the opposition parties. Since this writing they had achieve to stage a coup over Perak state and are plotting and planning for the other remaining states.

The rakyat are at a disadvantage at every front that they encounter. The PDRM, Judiciary, Government Offices including the infamous home ministry are the effective tools under their command. The leaders always never fail to assure the rakyat that they will listen to our grouses and problems. When you tell them your grouses and problems through the normal route, they acted deaf and dumb and when you used the open system to vent your frustrations, they come down hard on you by using the PDRM and Judiciary to clamp down or ISA'ed you.

After their successful coup of taking over Perak, the talk only government lead by najib has this to say;

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has given his guarantee that the non-Malays in Perak will not be neglected under the new Barisan Nasional-led state government.

“I have already told the new Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir that the Barisan government is for all races.

“The party will fight for everybody’s interests,” Najib told reporters after attending the 44th South-East Asia Central Banks Governor’s Conference at Bank Negara Malaysia here yesterday.

What does it proves here. A very clear confession by umno/bn that over the past 51 years, the non malays were neglected and treated unfairly and all the rhetoric during past elections to entice the voters are just merely talks and promises that can be broken. Do you still trust and believe in him that he will guarantee that non malays will not be neglected since he has yet to apologise for protesting with banners screaming that the kris will flow with Chinese blood.

Our concern today is not only about the Chinese and non malays being ill treated but all Malaysians irrespective of their races. We are working towards a Bangsa Malaysia but the umno/bn government are persistence in stopping this progress by using the racial card and religion to divide and rule.

Fellow Malaysians, the call for the CHANGE OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS IMMINENT and we must start drumming for change now and culminate at the 13th General Election.

Actions that umno/bn will never take if you chose to re-elect them to power:

Corruption - Make a search on google "corruptions in Malaysia" and you receive 2,120,000 entries. Take your time and read how serious corruption is in this country. Everyone loves and adore money and will work hard and sweat for it but for umno/bn its easy money so long that they scratch the back of the right person.

Judiciary - Google for "Bad Justice in Malaysia" and you received 6,400,000 entries. Is there fair justice for commoners if you are on the opposite side while those in the ruling umno/bn can somehow escape the law should any of them get caught.

PDRM - Google for "Bad Actions by Malaysian Police" and you received 284,000 entries. Everyone feared to be caught by the Malaysian police even if one has not done anything wrong, why? Many of you must have friends and relatives being caught by the police and put in lock-ups or remand and there are stories behind it. Many dare not speak up because of fear of what the police can do to them again. Have we forgotten the latest death under police custody, Kunan? It seems to have quiet down with no one being charged as of this posting. The police duties are suppose to protect the rakyat, fight crime and being neutral politically, but is this the case?

umno/bn ruling government are very sweet talkers, they can promise you the sky and moon during elections but will renegade most their promises after the elections.

Previously we have no choice but to chose the devil we know rather then the devil we don't know. To many Anwar or PR is also a devil but this time round we know this devil better and we can see their performance in the States that they rule. Devil they may be but on all counts they are the better devil than the umno/bn devil.

If you love and wish to see that this country prosperous, you must make the right choice come the 13th General Election. The known and better devil Pakatan Rakyat can and will lead us to a better and peaceful environment while umno/bn devil cannot and will not want us to be peaceful and will forever bring out the racial card and religion issues while corruptions will be rampant, the judiciary will side with them and the PDRM will always hunt you down for any little things that you say or do against umno/bn.


Spread the words around now and keep on reminding your friends and relatives that the CHANGE OF FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS IMMINENT.

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