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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Malaysiakini UMNO Gone...Gone...Gone....

umno is gone in the eyes of the majority. They are just hanging by the thread due to the enormous wealth that they still have, earning them through sincere hard work or by other means, is for you to guess.

They depend on their so call 3 million members as support to do their dirty jobs as and when commanded by the few holding on to power. I am sure that a majority of the 3 million members are getting tired of their being used by these few powerful leaders to further their own agenda without much benefit to the members.

After the Perak crisis, the people are more aware of what umno is made off, especially the fence sitters. The call for a united front under Pakatan Rakyat is loud and clear, although the umno control media and certain bloggers are trying very hard to cover this up and spread their own lies that PR is breaking up. They are now using statements by RPK, Karpal to stir more spin on PR status. Well, the more they try to spin the more they are getting the rakyat to side with Pakatan Rakyat.

I am reproducing some letters to Malaysiakini by common layman expressing thier views. You can read further news at Malaysiakini.

Micheal: While waiting for the dust to settle in Perak (which is very unlikely in the near future),Pakatan Rakyat has to stay united.

Remember, you are still enjoying the support of the vast majority of the rakyat, never mind if someone fails to see it.

Failure makes one stronger and smarter, always. Let us learn from this hiccup and emerge stronger in future.

This is definitely not the time to blame each other. Pakatan must stay united at this critical time without any fault-finding and finger-pointing.

The event that happened in Perak is unfortunate and is beyond your control. The rakyat still need you for the next election and in the coming years.

We have been waiting for 50 years and don't mind waiting for another few years, really. You should continue to serve the rakyat well.

For a better future of our children, may I plead to all of you in Pakatan Rakyat to remain united.

PR Sympathiser: An elected government by definition means that the party/parties that won the election represent the people of a state.

Irrespective of who appoints the so-called elected government, it defeats the purpose of an election if there are defections.

By principle, this practise should be removed and the electorate is given an opportunity to elect or confirm the defection.

Therefore, in a democracy irrespective of who has the authority to appoint, the people should have the final say. In my opinion, the BN government should give way to Pakatan and let the people decide.

By the same token, Pakatan should not be greedy by grabbing reps from the other party to join them. The reason is that the people did not endorse such a move.

Anyway, this could have been planned by letting someone be the red herring to draw a few others away. In this way the losers are PR.

So be careful in future. Go back to the people though it may be difficult and expensive.

Pacman: Those who say that what BN had done in Perak recently was right must be out of their minds.

Wake up, the 'glory days of the BN are heading for a downfall. BN shall be extinct very soon.

Lin: I am not a BN or Pakatan Rakyat supporter. When PKR wanted to take over the federal government Sept 16, I was disappointed with their strategy as it involveed party-hopping, which is a disgusting act and puts a nail in the coffin for democracy.

BN has been in power for the past 50 years and they should know better to uphold the high moral integrity they claim they have.

I was shocked and truly disappointed that BN is now employing now the tactics of tit for tat and stooping as low to what PKR wanted to do last year.

If an MP has lost faith in his or her party, do resign with dignity and call for elections. There should be a law that even if an MP steps down due to leaving the party, he or she can still contest for the next election either as independent or on another party ticket.

Democracy is not about parties, it's about hearing what the majority wants, and that is through elections.

BN please do set an example and show the people how you are much a moral values party though now I feel like that you are worse then PKR.

PKR talked about taking over government in undemocratic way, but it is BN that did the action. I have lost my faith in BN and now I have lost my trust in them.

The year 2013 will be my first election and I know who I am going to vote for.

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  1. i completely agree bro... umno is now digging its own grave... pkr is gonna rule it.. i support karpal signh... read a piece of my mind in my blog...



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