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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Eli Wong, I Stand By You For Whatever Your Final Decision May Be

Malaysiakini reports:Nude photos: Wong offers to quit.
It's a hard decision, you are not wrong in any way in the eyes of the public but the evil force is working overtime to see that you fall.

Whatever is your final decision, you know very well that your supporters will always stand by you. Stay strong and stand tall, together we will fight this evil force who are adamant to destroy Pakatan Rakyat by all dubious means.

We are all ready to fight another day, they can have the power, the money and the police force behind them but we will continue to march forward till we reach Putra Jaya.

Leaders of Pakatan Rakyat, time for you all to work closely and patch any holes or cracks to stop the evil force from exploiting them. You need to flush out any traitors within and get ready for the hard battles.

Malaysiakini detail reports:At an emotionally-charged press conference, a teary-eyed Elizabeth Wong offers to resign from her state cabinet post and state assembly seat..

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