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Monday, February 16, 2009

Malaysiakini King Blogger RPK Writes His Own Obituary

Malaysiakini is reporting on umno arrogant and despicable actions. Sinking to new lows in politicking
To prove that they are in power, lots of money to buy anything that they want and to vent their anger and hate, they are going to send someone back to jail under the ISA.

No matter how many times umno/bn say they want to change its not going to happen given the daily news of their arrogant and despicable actions. They are just too comfortable with what they have now and what they will continue to gain by sidelining the rakyat off their full rights.

Anyone who dares to challenge them, be it the Raja or Altantuya will face their wrath.

Raja Petra has cause must much discomfort to their dislike and exposing them bare for all to see.

Tomorrow, Raja Petra will be in court to face their wrath.

This is what he wrote in his Malaysia Today column:

On 7 November 2008, the Shah Alam High Court ordered my release from detention. The government has appealed this decision although it did not see the need to appeal the decision of the Shah Alam High Court acquitting Abdul Razak Baginda of the charge of murder without his defence being called....

Anyway, I know for a fact that it was not Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi who ordered my detention. He was not even aware I had been detained. The order came from Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and since I am bent on making sure he never becomes Prime Minister on 1 April 2009 I really do not blame him for wanting to get me out of the way.

My friends and family want me to leave the country and to seek political asylum in another country. They feel I can still continue with the struggle in a foreign land. But I am against that as much as my wife pleads that I consider this. I am no quitter and I do not run. I shall stay and fight till the very end even if that is the last thing I do.

If I have to lose my freedom so be it. That is the price we pay for opposing the powers-that-be. But I shall not go quietly or make any deals to secure my release with those who walk in the corridors of power....

I shall refuse all medical treatment and visits to the hospital. I shall refuse to accept any food and water supplied by the Kamunting authorities. I shall refuse to leave my cell or to meet any of the prison authorities. In short, I shall shut myself out from the world and keep to my own world of my eight feet square cell.

This action will mean I shall survive at the most seven to eight days. By the end of that period I shall be dead. I am prepared for that. They plan to imprison my body for the rest of my life. But I shall release my spirit from my body and will again be free. They can keep my body and they can do whatever they want with it. But they will never be able to keep my spirit. I shall separate my spirit from my body and deny them the pleasure of incarcerating me.

Read Raja Petra Full Text here.

Bernard of Zorro-Unmasked has this simple words and graphic to say.







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  1. The cards are stacked against him,i bet my bottom dollar that he go back in,that is the way this govt operate,they dont care what is right,as long as they get their way,and stay in power



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