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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Whining PM Is A Useless Leader

PM Najib is no different from his half past six ministers. Looking at the way his ministers handle and manage their portfolios make one wonders whether they are truly qualified for their jobs.

They simply perform their work according to what they think is right, with no concern or regard for the rakyat or the country. Blunders after blunders and flip flop after flip flop are just part and parcel in managing their portfolio. They can contradict each other on the same subject matter.

When they cannot find any solution for their mistakes or wrong announcements, then only will they push it to the rakyat. Just one sentence "WE NEED MORE FEEDBACK FROM THE PEOPLE" will absolved them of all their irresponsibility and wrong doing.

The PM had himself flip flop on many occasions, the first being the 1Malaysia slogan which emphasized on all to be Malaysian first but conceded later that the Malays must come first. All his talks and work on the NEM comes to zero when he was being challenged to retain the NEP. And the most famous of them all is the Sports Betting Licencing blunder.

When a leader cannot handle his subordinates and take control of things, he is a useless leader and a useless leader will start whining to cover his stupidity and uselessness.

Now see how he whines "General election is going to be a surprise, says Najib"

What kind of surprise can there be, whereby you have the power to call for the general election anytime between today till the 8th March 2013. You may want to separate the election dates for Federal and State, do it together with the Sarawak State election which is due next year plus a few other combination.

Unless you want to create havoc to impose emergency ruling or hold the GE on the 30th February, that will really surprise everyone. There can be no surprise for any general election unless you are planning something very dirty that are not in the play book.

Stop whining !

1 comment:

  1. He is definitely not smart enough to be a leader.

    No brain ... no personality ... nothing.



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