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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Enjoy The World Cup But Stay Clear From PM Najib's Encouragement On Sport Betting

Sport betting is a kind of gambling and everyone knows that gambling is morally wrong and it can lead to "death", family quarrel, family breakup, crime and fighting.

Yes, gambling is part and parcel of the Chinese culture, some may say, but many have also seen the destruction that it causes. Gambling can be compared to drug addict, whereby there can be no control over one's addiction.

It all started casually and out of curiosity, just like smoking and taking drugs. Small bets will eventually turn into bigger bets and with most cases greed will set in. Once you are addicted to gambling there is no stopping, you will have to find ways to find the money for your gambling habit. The first you go to is your family, than your friends, ah long and when these are all exhausted you will start to commit crime.

There is only two ways that can stop you from gambling and that is either you are dead or land yourself in jail.

PM Najib can give whatever excuses in legalizing spot betting, no one in the right mind will agree with him. Legalized spot betting to curb illegal gambling is no excuse, why not legalized prostitution to curb illegal prostitution and also it can control all kind of sex related diseases.

Legalized spot betting to help increased the government diminishing coffer is no excuse. Just because the government is going bankrupt, the people's well being are thrown aside, is this what Najib meant by his "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now"?.

Do not argue that legal gambling are already in existence in this country. By weighing the pros and cons of gambling, Najib should not encourage gambling by issuing more licenses, instead he should be looking for ways to reduce them.

So my fellow Malaysians, ENJOY WATCHING THE WORLD CUP but stay clear from PM Najib's Encouragement On Sport Betting. You will live a longer, better and healthier life without spot betting.

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