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Monday, June 7, 2010

How the f**k does he know it is safe in PJ? Najib Visit To SS2 PJ

Why is Najib in the rush to declare that Malaysia is all honky dory, from the country's economy to the safety of the rakyat. Is he being sabotaged by his advisers or apco providing him with false information.

The PM is misleading the rakyat when most of his proclamations were rebutted, such as this 10.1 percent growth figure 'misleading' and not only who are in the know are contradicting the PM's claim but the public as well.

Below is a blog posting which I reproduced, with permission, responding to Najib's visit to SS2 PJ by The Independent Spirit. Please visit the blog to read further from reader's comments on whether Najib is speaking the truth.

In Malaysia, the politicians just seem to politicise everything. Someone wins a gold medal, they rush to give awards. Someone arrested in Vietnam for drugs, some youth wing will rush to 'save' the accused.

It is just sickening. Instead of focussing on administering the country, these politicians take the easy way out by just making sure they are seen to do things, things which really, don't necessarily improve the country.

Take Najib's visit to SS2 PJ on Wednesday. Our PM so confidently declare that people of SS2 feels safer. Is he talking cock, or is he just a plain idiot?

SS2 and for that matter, the entire PJ and Klang Valley is like the wild wild west of US. The robbers/thieves/rapists etc are roaming around so freely. People write on blogs, tweets etc on how they were robbed/mugged etc. Houses broken in broad day light. Cars stolen every day. Motorbikes stolen everyday.

And yet this PM 'declares' that the people in PJ feels safer. You can see this news in the Sun.

Why dont he let his daughter walk around SS2 without the hordes of police escort.

Why dont he come stay at one of the houses in PJ and see how many locks we put on our grill door.

Why don't he ask his wife to walk along the street in SS2 with her hand bag around her elbow, lets see how long before a snatch thief comes along.

And I read about lesser police reports made in PJ, as a statistic to support lesser crime.

Again, is our PM an idiot? People in PJ don't want to report to the police cause these police idiots don't do anything. We will always get the usual answers from the idiots at the police station:-

1. "Oh, ini kes sivil"

2. "Alamak, in salah balai lah"

3. "Sabar, kami tak cukup orang"

4. "Kami susah, sebab kamu rakyat tak nak tolong kami bagi informasi" (even though it is the police's job to gather intelligence, or else why the f**k we have a Special Branch for?)

So, please, please don't politicise the issue of security. We who live in PJ don't get to enjoy our life. We live with concerns. Concerns that tomorrow, one of our loved ones may be the next one hit by a criminal. Our life is like a russian roulette. You never know, we may be the next to get hit by the bullet (oh.. that bullet thing has a deja vu feel).

Really, I really cant wait to vote Najib and his entire Government out.

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