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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Cabinet Is Just For Show And So Are The BN Component Parties

I usually address BN in all my postings as "Umno Controlled BN" and today the PM himself confirmed it. Many had rebutted me on my facebook, especially from gerakan and mca saying that bn had changed after the 308 tsunami, all BN component parties are equal and have equal say in everything.

Before we get on to the football betting licence issue, let us ask whether the PM had any discussion and seek approval from the cabinet before he agreed with his Singapore counterpart regarding the railway land deal and agreeing to a discount of 30% toll rates on the second link? From what we had read from the media, there is no mentioning that the cabinet had been informed or discussed and neither the cabinet had given any approval. What we know from the media is that the PM visited Singapore and the deal was sealed there and then.

Am I wrong to question this or maybe I was wrong, the PM has the power and authority to sign any deal with foreign countries just like his predecessor signing of the two oil blocks off the Sabah coast without seeking approval from the cabinet?

If this is so, is not our cabinet in existence just for show and BN component parties are irrelevant? The PM is also the President of umno and most likely he will seek the approval from umno supreme council just like the football betting licence issue.

This is what the PM said regarding the football betting licence withdrawal, retrived from The Malaysian Insider: The remarks in red are mine.

"After taking into account various views, we are of the opinion that the majority did not agree the decision to issue the license to Ascot Sports," he said after chairing the Umno supreme council meeting here.

"The government therefore decided that the license will not be issued," said the finance minister adding that Ascot Sports has been informed of the decision.

Did he hold any cabinet meeting to decide on the withdrawal? From his statement it is unlikely that he had any cabinet meeting before the umno supreme council meeting or else he would had announced the withdrawal after the cabinet meeting. So the decision was made during the umno supreme council meeting and not any prior cabinet meeting yet he claimed that the government decided not to issue the licence. What does this tell us? It meant that the government is umno and umno is the government!

He said the withdrawal was supported by members of the Umno supreme council.

This statement confirmed that umno is the government and not BN.

Najib said the government had earlier agreed to issue the sports betting licence but with strict condition such as banning Muslim involvement in the activity.

Was the cabinet being informed regarding this earlier agreement? So, did the PM lied all along regarding the sports betting licence?

He also hoped that Barisan Nasional (BN) component party members such as MCA and MIC who have supported legalised sports betting to accept the government's decision.

What can be more clearer to show that umno is the master and helm total control over its component parties. By hoping that its component parties accept the "government's" (or is it umno's) decision confirmed that mca, mic and other component parties were not consulted at all regarding this sports betting licencing issue.

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