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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Survey Poll: 95% Approval Rating For PM's Propaganda

The Merdeka Center Survey poll has PM Najib Abdul Razak's approval rating hitting a record high of 72 percent. The Merdeka Center had polled 1,028 randomly selected voters in Peninsular Malaysia by telephone between May 6 and 16. Well my congratulation to the PM for receiving such a high approval rating.

Another independent survey center called "My Survey" had just completed its own survey between 24th May to 7th June 2010 on the PM. This survey was conducted face to face on the streets throughout the country excluding Sabah ans Sarawak. My Survey had polled a total of 6,000 voters with almost equal numbers for each race, Malays, Chinese and Indians.

The My Survey while conducting this poll had no intention to make a breakdown in race compositions but to treat all as Malaysians. The poll conducted is to get a true picture from matured Malaysians on what they think about their PM. There is no political agenda but to get the true feeling from the man on the street.

1) Do you believe in the PM talks about 1Malaysia, NEM, NKRA and his many other agenda speeches?

a) Yes - 95%
b) No - 5%

2) Do you think that the PM can actually implement what he propagate?

a) Yes - 10%
b) No - 90%

3) What do you think of the PM walks about with all his huge security personnel tagging along?

a)This proves that he has a lot of enemies - 10%
b)This shows that he lied that the crime rate had been drastically reduced - 25%
c)This shows that he is insincere in wanting to get to know the people - 62%
d)He wanted to meet the people but afraid to do so face to face - 3%

4) What do you think the PM will answer if asked whether he is a Malaysian first or Malay first?

a)Malay first - 35%
b)Malaysian First - 5%
c)He will avoid answering - 60%

5) Do you think that the PM quote of "you help me and I help you" in the Sibu by election is considered as bribery?

a)Yes - 85%
b)No - 15%

6) Do you think that the PM cares more about his position or the rakyat?

a)His position - 88%
b)The Rakyat - 12%

7) Do you think the PM has the will to fight corruptions?

a)Yes - 10%
b)No - 90%

8) Do you think the PM will lie to save his own skin?

a)Yes - 78%
b)No - 22%

9) Do you think the PM is in some way involved in the Altantuya murder?

a)Yes - 68%
b)No - 15%
c)Do not know - 17%

10) Do you think the PM is sincere in wanting to forge good relation among the races while allowing Perkasa and Utusan to champion for the NEP and ketuanan melayu.?

a)Yes - 26%
b)No - 74%

11) What do you think is the main intention of the PM when he spent millions just to improve his image?

a)To get voters support - 60%
b)Leakages from the millions to his cronies - 30%
c)To show his power that he can do what he likes - 10%

12) What do you think of the PM spending millions to engage APCO?

a)Waste of public fund - 35%
b)There are Malaysians capable of doing what APCO can do - 52%
c)Stupid - 13%

13) Do you think that the PM should let go of the Finance Minister portfolio.

a)Yes - 89%
b)No - 11%

14) Can you trust the PM to lead this country?

a)Yes - 36%
b)No - 64%

15) Do you think the PM himself is corrupted?

a)Yes - 77%
b)No - 23%

16) Do you think the PM should call for a General Election now to get the rakyat's mandate.

a)Yes - 92%
b)No - 8%

17) Do you think the PM's wife should be address as the "first lady"?

a)Yes - 3%
b)No - 97%

18) Do you think the PM's wife should be involved in decision making for the Government?

a)Yes - 0%
b)No - 100%

19) Do you see the PM running the country as a people's Government or like his own party?

a)Government - 33%
b)His own Party - 67%

20) From all the above Q & A how do you rate the PM?

a)Good - 15%
b)Poor - 55%
c)No PM caliber - 30%

The above is just a mock survey. Merdeka Center survey is more inclined towards a political purpose while its main sponsor is from umno. The way their questions were posed and through the phone can subject the results to many ambiguities.

The mock survey is just my thoughts that to get a real final rating more detailed questions about the PM should be conducted as well.

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  1. Let him enjoy the shiok-feeling which will soon evaporate into thin air.



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