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Monday, June 14, 2010

If You Are Not Angry...You Are Not Patriotic !


Going by the speed that our leaders keep telling us that we need to cut subsidies, implement the GST and needed the tax from legalized sport betting to keep the country afloat or we will go bankrupt by 2019.

On a different vein and different tune, we were told that we have a sound economy, we are not facing bankruptcy, we are ahead in FDI among other third world countries, our market are very vibrant, our ringgit is strong, the rakyat are happy, there are more jobs available than job seekers.

Which one of the above do we want to believe in? There is none to believe in but I can safely claimed that the Government is not telling us the truth.

We can just let these pass us by, without being angry as yet.

Now this one will make you very angry and if you are not, then, you are not patriotic.

"Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz admitted today that the government did not have the “capacity” to finance the studies of the growing pool of bright students in the country."

What the hell is wrong with this country. They have the capacity to finance a new 800 million Parliament building, spent billions on purchasing of defence hardware as if we are going to war, billions lost on the PKFZ scandal, billions bailout of failed crony projects, the latest being the new palace ballooning to 800 millions from the original 400 millions and the list of billions upon billions lost through corruptions and bailouts seem never ending.

And today, we are told, smack on our faces, that the Government could not afford to finance our bright children educations. They simply cannot tell us the truth of where our country's huge financial resources had gone to.

I am very angry, are you?


  1. This is exactly how HP6 idiots display their retarded brains.

    This kind of leaders will surely drive the nation bankrupt even before 2019.

    Malaysia Bodoh-lah!


  3. I am pissed with the Government! Malaysia will surely bankrupt with these idiots running the Country. I can't wait for the next general election!



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