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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Is Malaysia Crumbling Under Najib's "Umno Controlled BN" ?

Malaysia is not crumbling, but make believe to be so, by those who are afraid of losing power. We had heard before of people trying to overthrow the government with Molotov Cocktail whereby a few suspects were being detained under the ISA but released without any shred of evidence nor charged.

Today, we are being told that there are terrorists among us and yet again no evidence, just declaration. Why must the pdrm and the government make such an open declaration, should they not be quietly investigating and doing what they must do to nab all these so called terrorists. When you make a report about corruption to the macc you are advised not to talk about it, to the press or anyone so as to enable the macc to carry out their job successfully.

But here, we are talking about terrorists that can cause destruction to the country yet the government and pdrm are openly talking about it, are they trying to warn the terrorists so that they can make their escape or is it a political ploy to frighten the people into accepting that this government is the only government that can protect them from terrorism.

Or worst, are they targeting the ever growing strength of the Opposition that they must act now before they lose power by locking up its leaders and followers under the ISA by pinning on them some unproven terrorist misconduct and hoping to net a few more frogs along the way.

Malaysia is not crumbling but Najib's "Umno controlled bn" is. Najib had failed in every aspect as a leader since he took over as PM in April 2009. He knows that he had no control over his subordinates and they are running wild which is detrimental to his hold on power. His slogans and rhetoric seem not to be working, so, other then engaging all kinds of promotion to uplift his image, including his latest pussy play as advised by his foreign advisers, he needs to create some drastic move and that move is the "ATMOSPHERE OF FEAR".


  1. Najib is protrayed as a strong leader...well he started off well with wrestling Perak from Pakatan and the rakyat, no mean feat with royalty, EC and judiciary making their stand very clear

    as his administration pans out, I can see his 1Malaysia / copy and paste from Malaysian's Malaysia being torpedoed by his DPM; his much hyped NEM and team of intellectuals in NEAC being upstaged by a "don't talk shit" independent MP; a confusing saga relating the betting license that result in punishable disclosure and distortion in Bursa Malaysia which will damage our image and inegrity no end (image and integrity is vital for developing your financial industry)....

    now I thought Badawi was weak and flip flopping too much...looks like more of the same old same old but perhaps on a bigger scale

  2. That's the reason why Najib was placed into the PM job by those UMNO goons and of course, Mahathir.

    His backers knows that he is spineless and easy to handle - a pushover.

    The warlords knows that Najib is no leader and will waver and "go with the flow" in making hard decisions because no decisions are good decisions for the warlords who placed him there.

    Now the warlords are running wild and Najib is shown for what he is ...... a puppet on a string - all talk and no action.

    Worse still, a flip-flopping PM who cannot make his own decisions. A PM who changes his mind as the winds changes directions!

  3. I do agree that we have terrorist in our midst. The problem is they are the ones running the country now. They are the ones that will destroy the country!

    They are plundering and raping the country thinking that they have no chance come GE13 so it is every man for himself now.

  4. Believe me, extremist will strike the country once Umno is losing power in next 13 GE. All this while, during the terrorism high time, Indonesia, Phillipines and even Southern Thailand was actively attack by terrorism network but not in Malaysia a single threat was pose. You think CIA not aware of where are the Safe House is? Terrorism Safe House is the base for them to get funds, recruitment and so on and so forth, therefore, nobody is so stupid to place a hornet nest into their safe heaven. PDRM intell is very much aware of such underground network better than anyone else. However, such groups activities will never ever recognize by authority but hiding hand are well connected their support.



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