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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Never Ending Controversies, Cover-ups, Lies, Denial, In Malaysia

PutraJaya is looking like a cemetery. You can see so many holes being dug and each hole being refilled after one mishap by the authority that needs to be shielded from the public is buried.

There is totally no integrity left with the present Umno controlled ruling Government. Controversy after controversy, cover-ups after one another, lie and leading to more lies and finally denial to hoodwink the stupid rakyat, so they thought.

The leader, the most powerful man in this country, cannot walk and talk straight. Why want to create controversies when the situations warrant a straight and truthful answers. Why the need to protect and cover-up those who had done wrong while holding key positions in the Government.

There are one too many controversies, cover-ups, lies and denial in this present administration that people tend to forget the older ones and will soon forget the present one as well.

The latest controversy, lie and denial is about the Sports Betting License. There are so many different answers from the Government leaders as to whether the Sport Betting License had being given. We will just have to wait and see how this wayang kulit played out.

Some older controversies, cover-ups, lies and denial that many might have forgotten.

Correct, correct, correct! With solid and concrete proof, no one is hauled up or charged. You may find this grave among others in the picture above.

Two policemen convicted in Altantuya's murder but without any motives. No one, I repeat, NO ONE within the authority bothers to search nor investigate further for the motives. WHO ORDER THE KILLING?

Can we hope for the French investigation to shade some light, I guess not. When someone powerful can get the NYT (New York Times) to admit mistakes on the "First Lady of Malaysia" issue what one can think off is, they can also get to the French investigators to cover-up should any ugly findings are dug up.

The RM12.5 billion Port Klang Free Zone scandal.

What we can see is a few scapegoats being thrown to the wolves, expecting the gullible rakyat to believe that these few low ranking employees were capable of corruptions to the tune of billions.

What we are afraid most, the cover-ups are ongoing and happening now with the newly appointed Trans­port Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha saying there will be no more PKFZ probes.

Of course there are still many cover-ups, especially on corruptions. There are no big fish being hauled in by MACC to date and they are proud to announce the hundreds of ikan bilis that they had caught.

What about the many outstanding cases of death under detention or investigation. Some cases were closed while others are dragging through the long process in court.

Will the truth prevail regarding the suspicious death of Kunan and Teoh Beng Hock?

Was Aminul Rasyid really a criminal when the cops shot and killed him? Was he really posing a dangerous situation for the cops? Can we really get justice for Aminul Rasyid?

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