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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Plan, The 10 Malaysia Plan (10MP)..Does It Really Help?

I woke up to read the news that the PM had presented his 10 Malaysia Plan (10MP) in Parliament. What! the 10th Malaysia Plan? So there are nine other MPs prior to Najib's 10MP and what happen to them. Can anyone show me how successfully they were implemented.

Yes, I agree we need to have planning but we need also to make sure and see through that our planning are successfully implemented. A country is just like a corporate company having to make proper planning in order to make money and become successful hence the employees can be well rewarded.

What the common rakyat know and understand about each Malaysia Plan proposal is for Malaysia to attain a democratic developed Country, high income, high standard of education, major player in the world market, low poverty rate, low corruption level, equality and meritocracy. To summarized it, the Malaysia Plan is to uplift the rakyat living standard without fear of ever having to be hungry, a roof over the head and have a little extra for a vacation or enjoy doing what one likes to do without any fear of money problem and lastly all Malaysians treated as equal and living in peace and harmony.

To me, so far all the plans had failed. We are still having racial issues, the poor gets poorer while the rich gets richer, low income group fighting against the spiralling market price increases of consumer goods, blatant discrimination in almost all fields that have to do with the ruling government, billions of ringgit lost through leakages and corruptions, cronyism, non transparency in government dealings, using the government apparatus to strike fear against the rakyat who are vocal and the MACC, PDRM, Judiciary had failed to perform their duties diligently without fear or favor.

All the previous nine MPs, not only had failed to perform and it's promises to deliver a good life for the rakyat but we are told that the country will be bankrupt by 2019.

We are going to hear and read from the media that many people including foreign dignitaries, the corporate world, NGOs, world leaders giving the thumbs up for Najib's 10MP. This kind of jubilation is no difference from the past nine MPS when they were announced.

Previous nine MPs had failed to deliver, pray tell me, what make the people believed that this 10MP will perform when all the same kind of sicknesses are still plaguing inside the whole government body?

10MP, I cannot understand what it is all about but I am very sure that another few billion ringgit will flow to someone else pockets, the MACC will claim no evidence, the PDRM receive no report while Najib can proudly claim "YOU HELP ME I HELP YOU". At the end of the 10MP, like all the other MPs, the rakyat will bear the cost of the lost billions and we will still remain as what we are today.

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