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Friday, June 4, 2010

Nationwide Express Courier Services Slower Than Snail Mail.

While thousands are now demonstrating against the Israel attack on the Flotilla in Kg. Baru I need to digress on the deteriorating services from the private sector.

I can still remember when I was young, we were encouraged to save, amount does not matter, 1 dollar or even fifty cents, to open a bank saving account. The banks at that time were very helpful, all the paper works that they had to endure without the help of the computer. Now most banks were taken over by certain warlords with the help of some powerful political leaders, what kind of services do we received. They are not encouraging the "small & poor" people to save money and whatever services they provide, its money talk. Transactions via the atm and online will see a range of charges from 1 ringgit to 5 ringgit and the half yearly charge of 10 ringgit to 20 ringgit for each atm card holder. I had written about their poor services years ago and today I am not talking about it anymore. You, as the consumer can judge for yourself when you need help from the bank.

Today, I am surprised at the way the courier services deliver your consignment. They are supposed to be fast and efficient but my latest encounter with Nationwide Express Courier Services can make one jumping mad.

There is a delivery to my house sent from KL and I have no idea what time they will deliver , so, I have to be at home waiting from 8am to 5pm, even skipping my lunch fearing that they will come.

This consignment was sent through Nationwide Express Courier Services from KL on the 28th May 2010. Since that day was wesak day, I expect it to be delayed a day, so I am expecting to receive it on 1st June. I waited, it did not arrive. I am sure that it will arrived on the 2nd but it did not and I am getting very worried as this consignment is an important document. I started to make calls but no one answer and I check their website for info and contacts but all the pages are not working.

Finally I manage to get hold of a phone number from the Perai office. I called and they gave me the Penang number to call which I did. The lady told me that the courier man will be at my place at 2.30pm, that is on the 2nd June. I waited, no one turns up and just before 5pm, I called several times and no one answer the phone.

On the 3rd, I called, still no one answer the phone. I contacted my friend in KL who sent me this consignment to check with Nationwide Express in KL. He checked and gave me another phone number to call. I called this new number and the lady told me that the courier man will be at my place by 3.30pm. I waited, no one turns up and I called the office again at 5pm. The lady told me she will checked and get back to me. She called me back at 5.40pm and pass me to the courier man. The courier man told me he went to the wrong place and he did not know the location of my house.

Well, well, if the courier service have no idea of the location, when GPS is so easily available, I think this courier service should close shop.

Anyway, the courier told me he will deliver my consignment the next day at around noon, and that is today and thank GOD he showed up and I finally received my consignment.

It took 7 days to deliver a consignment from KL to Penang by courier service.

Click on image to see the tracking details:


  1. Believe it or not, use Poslaju next time for consignments within Malaysia. They are far more efficient than some of the smaller courier service companies.

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  3. at least u still have yours. Mine with poslaju went missing... it's actually LUCK

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