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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Penang State Government Progresses Under Pakatan Rakyat - Pt 3

Good governance based on Competency, Accountability and Transparency ( CAT ) that upholds 5 core principles of Justice, Freedom, Truth, Social Welfare and Piety In GOD.

The second 10 out of 30 policies implemented by the Pakatan Rakyat Government during the last two years.

Empowering The People

1. Becoming the first State in Malaysia to restore the third vote by asking the Elections Commission to conduct local government elections in Penang.

2. Transparency International's (TI) commendation of Penang's CAT governance in establishing integrity in governance and employing prudent budgeting that turned around a projected 2008 Budget deficit of RM35 million into a record surplus of RM88 million and a projected deficit of RM40 million in the 20098 Budget into a surplus of RM77 million.

3. Open tenders that reduces wasteful spending and corrupt practices saving RM20 million yearly including reducing by 45% the cost of solid waste treatment.

4. Anti-corruption measures such as RM10,000 Integrity Award that exposes corruption and a RM10,000 Creativity And Innovation Award reducing/simplifying procedures that improve efficiency of government servants.

5. Becoming the first green State in Malaysia through environmental protection programmes such as "No Plastic Day" to reduce plastic bag consumption. EM mudballs to clean rivers and drains and adoption of Green Building Index (GBI).

6. Cancelling BN crony projects such as the RM25 billion Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) and uncovering the RM40 million Tang Hak Ju land scam.

7. Succeeding in protecting, preserving and promoting Georgetown as UNESCO World Heritage Site by restricting the building height to 18 meters.

8. Demonstrating our firm stand against oppressive laws that violate basic human rights by putting up the first "Say No To ISA" signboards in Malaysia and promoting freedom of speech by establishing a "Speaker's Corner".

9. Protecting diversity by increasing the allocation for Islamic affairs from BN's RM12.5 million in 2008 to RM20.5 million under PR's first budget in 2009 and RM24.5 million in 2010; and ensuring religious places of worship for non-Muslims.

10. Installation of CCTVs and community policing to combat rising crime and protect public order.

Penang State Government Progresses Under Pakatan Rakyat -
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