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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bing, Bong, Bang, Bung Mok Cha Cha Rasputin

What kind of Government is Najib running. He cannot even discipline and control his own elected representatives from running wild and he has big plan for the country with his 10th Malaysia Plan. Not to mention his own party members and associate perkasa attacking councillors.

Najib is talking big about his billions in spending on his 10MP but my question to him is, can he actually manage and control it or will the rakyat be going to suffer when the country goes bankrupt earlier than Jala's warning by 2019.

I am very sure that Najib's approval rating will shoot sky high again when Merdeka Center releases its poll survey after the 10MP is announced. But before Najib start jumping with joy, what kind of action will he take against his MPs, party members and umno's associate perkasa barbaric acts.

This is how Najib's representative treated the common rakyat seeking help in Parliament:

“How can security allow these people to simply come into the Parliament?”, Bung demanded to know.

“Hormati Parlimen! Cakap first class Parlimen. Apa first class? Low class!…ini biadap punya kerja, orang takda pendidikan punya…”

Watch this video

Najib is not interested to fight corruptions as shown by his own action of "You help me I help you", you want the RM5 million then I want Lau to win, during his ceramah at the Sibu by election. He is setting a very bad example as a PM and when a leader cannot lead by example, what happen to his down line?

Najib must clean and put his own house in order first and that is;

Free the MACC, PDRM and the Judiciary, let them perform their work according to the law and constitution without any interference.

Control and discipline his elected representatives and all the institutions to respect the rakyat.

If he cannot stop the leakages of billions of ringgit, his incompetence MACC and Judiciary while letting loose PDRM, MPs, party members and associate perkasa to commit their babaric actions, how is he going to run the country?

Najib, you can fool somebody else but not me.

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  1. these UMNO DOGs really stupid like shit.



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