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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hilarious 1Malaysia Bites The Dust

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One year ago a pregnant Malaysia gave birth to a new Prime Minister who crafted out the "1Malaysia" slogan. We do not want to go into argument whether the new PM or the 1Israel linked APCO created it. It does not matter anyway because the slogan was still born and was turned into hilarious jokes throughout the world.

This is what the new PM advocates the goal of his 1Malaysia:

“to make Malaysia ….a greater nation: a nation where, it is hoped, every Malaysian perceives himself or herself as Malaysian first, and by race, religion, geographical region or socio-economic background second and where the principles of 1Malaysia are woven into the economic, political and social fabric of society”.

Initially the PM requested all Malaysians to embrace it, then followed by appealing to his party members and component parties and lately begging for the corporate and business sector to join in. It is clear as daylight that his 1Malaysia ideology had failed to impress the general public because most of his own members are looking the other way round, even from his own top aide and racist remarks from the BTN courses.

Does it sound right when the DPM himself cannot accept the PM 1Malaysia concept by declaring that he is “Malay first” and then only a Malaysian. The hilarious part came immediately from the PM himself who wanted the rakyat to embrace 1Malaysia and perceives oneself as Malaysian First yet he defended his deputy’s declaration that he considered himself “a Malay first”, and only then a Malaysian, saying there isn’t a contradiction.

Can we therefore sit at the first class section of a flight while holding an economy ticket, claiming that we are on the same flight and flying to the same destination?

Contradiction or not, you, the public decide.

Thinking that by taking a break from all these shit thrown daily to me from the useless leaders will stop me from getting high blood pressure or acute heart attack. It is not so, everywhere I go, I can still see the shit being splashed around. Let me share with you what the hilarious 1Malaysia slogan had been turned into.

The corporate and business sector trying to please the PM had incorporated the #1 into their logos and advertisements. They do not consider whether by inserting the #1 is a true reflection of their products.

Just use your imagination to view how it looks like when alphabet like "I" is turn into #1 especially when the words have O before and after the I...

Just to pacify the PM, many corporations are now claiming that their products are the #1 in the market, just take for example an insurance product. All the insurance company is claiming that their product is #1, can you believe it.

A father was jumping mad when told that his daughter when asked, which country she is living, in which she replied, "1Malaysia".

A woman, doing online business got a shock when one of her customer called her. She complained that she cannot find the country "1Malaysia" from the drop down box to input her mailing address.

You have heard about 1camp, 1toilet, these were what I heard at most coffee (gossip) shops.

And not to be left out in joining this hilarious 1Malaysia candor:

Male First
Juicy Performance Now

#1Ah Long
Give Money First
Death Threat Now

RM50 First
Poorer Now

(What PM & DPM acknowledged)
Malay First
Contradiction Now

Suck First

You all can continue to add whatever you like.

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