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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hulu Selangor P94 By Election: HardTalk 8

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Umno is now convinced and confident that they can win the Hulu Selangor P94 by election. It does not matter to them at all whether their campaigning are filled with slander, character assassination, lies, intimidation, distribution of cash and goodies in addition to the use of the EC and PDRM to ensure their victory. If these type of campaigning continues the next two days, I can agree with them that they will surely win.

It is now up to the voters of Hulu Selangor to seek for more information and details whether the campaigning by umno is righteous, following election applicable laws and what their speakers, especially the PM said are true and not camouflaged with lies and spins to win the voters hearts and minds.

This is what the PM told the voters at Hulu Selangor yesterday;
“I want to say that Malaysia has never kneeled before anyone. We met with Barack Obama as equals”

Is that a spin or a lie, of course Malaysia can never kneel before anyone but the question is, whether the PM is kneeling to the US and Obama?
One day Nazri said that "APCO the consultancy did a good job, as Obama had agreed to meet Najib at the sidelines of a nuclear security meet in Washington DC" and the next day he make a U turn and claimed that "APCO Worldwide, had nothing to do with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s meeting with US President Barack Obama".

Najib and Obama as equals, and if that is what the PM insist, can the PM clarify base on what standards and criteria are they equal? Obama is democratically elected as President by the white, black, yellow or brown Americans but who elected our PM.?

If Najib and Obama is equals, why the need for lobbying on the side to arrange for the meet? Can Najib tell us the truth, whether he wanted to meet Obama no matter what, even if the rakyat have to bare the cost of Ringgit77 million, or did Obama invited him officially.?

Hulu Selangor voters, I hope that you all are not blinded by the PM rhetoric and the huge amount of money and goodies being thrown at you. We have being lied again and again for over 50 years and this itself is proof that umno will never honor whatever they promise. Take their money and goodies by all mean but what you need to do on polling day is to vote for Pakatan Rakyat.

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