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Friday, May 8, 2009

Save Malaysia From Thugs, Change The Government Start The Count Down

The najib regime has once again proven that this country is a police state run by dictator. They can just walk into the Perak State Assembly, forcefully dragged the legally elected Speaker away and installed their own illegitimate speaker. If this is not thuggery, what is it. Only thugs will go against the law and principle to get what they want. They can allow illegal personal to enter the State Assembly and deny others who have the legitimate right to do so.

While all these were happening inside the State Assembly, more thugs were roaming the street to simply arrest innocent people having their breakfast or walking around, wearing black attire including MPs and Aduns. Still not satisfied, they zoom in on people having peaceful candlelight watch. Lawyers waiting outside the police station on standby to help those under arrest were not spared. They were also sapu into the lockup. najib has turn his "1Malaysia" into a "1BlackMalaysia" and the people are just piss off with his "People First, Performance Now" by turning it into "Democracy First, Election Now".

Today we hear that the government is offering to release another 13 ISA detainees in a few days time. Are we suppose to be thankful and praise najib for their release or are we smart enough to see his dirty plot again. Peng's Thots is asking "IS THIS ANNOUNCEMENT AN ATTEMPT TO CONTROL DAMAGE ?" at her blog. You can decide and make your own discretionary opinion.

As the saying goes "There is no free lunch", do not get overly excited on the 13 ISA release for you can expect many more will be taken in to replace them, maybe not by the ISA Act but the now famous use of the Sedition Act. They do not mind giving in for the one step forward that you gain but they are in the position and power to claim 2 or more steps back from you.

It is good to see many NGOs and Activists voicing out their concern on the demeaning acts of the najib's regime while others are calling for some sort of hartal, while our blogger King of King RPK had even suggested for a nationwide boycott. Please read Raja Petra's article here.

These actions are necessary to ensure that this nation does not decent into the gutter that quickly but will, sooner or later should the umno/najib regime still remain in power comes the 13th General Election.

Fellow Malaysians, if you love this country and want to see it prosper and grow democratically, we must make a concrete commitment now to ensure the fall of umno/najib regime. Many would argue that umno/najib are making positive changes which I agree but we must face the truth. Even though umno/najib have make positive changes, the negativity of his daily actions are more then his positivity of change.

Bloggers and website owners can help by putting up the countdown clock to the 13th General Election for a change of government. We must start drumming the call now, lest the people be blinded by umno/najib little act of positivity and not able to see the larger negativity hanging over their heads.

najib is umno, umno is najib
The government is umno, umno is the government
umno will never stop the cry of ketuanan melayu
umno can never accept the penatang in this country
umno cannot change, the word change is not in their vocabulary

Forget about mca, gerakan, mic and the other bn component parties, they can never walk their talk as long as umno rules over them.

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