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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hulu Selangor P94 By Election: HardTalk 10

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PAKATAN RAKYAT Is Not 100% Perfect But Surely 100% Better Than Umno

These are the reports by Malaysiakini.
Latest survey shows PKR slightly ahead

Zaid to win by 1,000-1,500 votes

I do not want to take these reports and start to claim victory. These are just survey and comment from analyst which are not 100% accurate but at least it gives life and strength back to the supporters to push forward after trailing behind for the past few days.

The final lap is crucial and the people must be given the right answers to their questions.

Hulu Selangor voters, you must ask these questions and answer them yourselves before going to vote tomorrow:

1) Why do you get to see the PM only during election time.

2) Why do you get cash and goodies only during by election.

3) Why the sudden approval of schools allocation and other projects only available during by election.

4) Do you know the reason why your polling station is being relocated without you knowing it.

5) Do you know why, the photo of Teoh Beng Hock is not allowed but Najib's photo are spread throughout HS.

6) Do you know why the police keep on harassing and arresting PR supporters.

7) Do you know why umno have to resort to slander and character assassination of PR candidate.

8) Do you really believe that umno & PM can keep their words and promises.

9) Do you know that billions of ringgit of your money had gone into someone else pocket.

10) Do you know that the PM 1Malaysia is "Umno Malay First" and you second.

11) Do you know why after 53 years of umno's rule, there is no improvement in your living condition.

12) Do you know why after 53 years of umno's rule, we are still so divided among the various races.

13) Do you know why after 53 years of umno's rule, you can still be placed under ISA arrest and locked up without being charged.

14) Do you know why after 53 years of umno's rule, your 10 A1 children's higher education is not guaranteed.

15) Do you know why after 53 years of umno's rule, they keep saying that they can.

From the above, do you really think that umno has changed. It seems that they want to keep lying to you, claiming that they had changed since the 308 tsunami. The actions by the EC, PDRM and the way the PM throws our money around at HS are solid proof that umno can never change. Whatever they do at HS are just to win your votes and nothing else.

Take whatever they gave you and make sure that you vote for Pakatan Rakyat/PKR, a party that is not 100% perfect but surely 100% better than umno.

Please note that I did not use bn as reference because, bn exist in name only and that umno is in full control of bn. BN IS UMNO - UMNO IS BN

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