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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

What An Impatient Lot Or Are They More Interested In Something Else!

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Prior to the 308 tsunami, no one had an inkling or believe that this country is capable or with the possibility of having a two party system. It is the believe that Umno/BN can never be rooted from its control of the Federal Government. It's always a two third majority win for Umno/BN, albeit the fluctuation in the popular votes.

We do not need to go into details what causes the 308 tsunami as many had read or heard of the reasons for Umno/BN to lose its two third majority in Parliament and the falling of five States into the opposition hands.

The 308 tsunami eruption is not credited solely to Pakatan Rakyat but a combination of external forces including the NGOs, societies, professionals, intellectuals, prominent bloggers and religious groups. They are determined to see changes for a better Malaysia and many individuals from these external forces campaigned vigorously and even spoke at ceramahs to help Pakatan Rakyat. Most of them, if not all, feels that Umno/BN cannot be allowed to continue to plunder the country's wealth, causing racial and religious tension, injustice, outdated policies and Acts, two sets of laws and the many other unjustifiable "another project by barisan national" that causes much hardship to its citizens.

Hearing them speak at ceramahs, reading what they wrote on their blogs, articles by them being published on the online media, makes you feel and share their warmth, gratitude, sincerity, integrity and that the hope of change is inevitable.

That warmth, gratitude, sincerity, integrity and hope did not last long as a few elected officials within PR and some individuals from the external forces begin to show their true color. They cannot sustained their commitment for change and they started leaving with all kinds of excuses and reasons which I find are contradictory to what they had said before.

Now we are hearing of a third force, the force that claimed that they are there to served the rakyat fairly and equally and will not bow to Umno/bn nor PR. They are going to put up a handful of MP and Adun candidates to contest in the coming 13th GE, it means that they are not interested to form the Federal Government. Then, in GOD's name how are they going to serve the rakyat. There are always a handful of Opposition MP in Parliament and we can see that they cannot do much and even now with more than a third they are still handicapped.

So, the only way for a better Malaysia is to maintain the call for a change which was the rallying cry after 308 by Pakatan Rakyat together with the external forces.

But certain people are impatient, not for the change to happen, but for self interest. They are claiming that there are apparent lack of progress under PR ruled States, PR not keeping to their promises, not happy with the leaderships and all kind of non proven bad deeds by PR.

Holy toledo, they can give Umno/bn chance after chance spread over 50 years and they cannot even give PR a chance after only 2 years. From the way they scorned PR, we can see that they are only interested for positions and monies while the interest of the rakyat is least in their mind.

RPK put it in a better way:

If people want to merajuk (sulk) and leave PKR and join Umno or Barisan Nasional because they have been ‘ignored’ and ‘are not being recognised as the warlord’ of that particular constituency and are not being ‘rewarded for their loyalty to the party president’ then I have only one thing to say: go to hell.

An article by Antares is a must read;

No opposition party on its own had the wherewithal to combat the firmly entrenched power of BN - but towards the end of 2007 Anwar Ibrahim finally succeeded in pulling together the tripartite political coalition now known as Pakatan Rakyat.

DAP's emphasis on sound financial management, PKR's focus on social justice, freedom and human rights, and PAS's spiritual foundation combine to forge a conscious, functional union of Head, Heart and Soul.

Full article here.

We must always stick to our commitment to change for a better Malaysia and not waver should more recalcitrant leave and their working hand in hand with the evil forces trying to demoralised us.

It is going to be a hard and difficult fight but we must continue to fight and march on until we reached PutraJaya.

Pakatan Rakyat may not be that good but at least they are not that bad as compared to Umno/BN.

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