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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Open Letter To President Obama - #2

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Open Letter To President Obama

Mr. President

This is my second letter to you, Mr. President, following my first about two weeks ago which you can read here should you missed it.

I understand that my letters may not reach you as they are being filtered through many layers, it might not even pass through the first layer and probably being shredded by your staff, nevertheless, I find it important to write as it concern people like me, a common peasant striving through hard times in our country.

Mr. President, you had recently met up with our Prime Minister (Malaysia) and our local news reported that our PM was in agreement with your foreign policies and you were very happy about it. That is good.

There was another news report, which really make Malaysian like me very angry. Our Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz stressed that APCO had been hired to repair Malaysia’s ties with the United States and was paid a whopping US$24,207,158 (RM76,820,653).

“APCO is being employed for our image in the US, for us to get close to the US. You mean to say a Malaysian company can help us get close to the US?” asked Nazri.

“APCO did a good job. Obama only set aside time to see Najib and (Chinese President) Hu Jintao. China is China, but Obama agreed to meet Najib.”

“US will not care about us if we are not nice to them. We have to repair 22 years of Mahathir and 6 years of Pak Lah. You think we can undo this without spending money?” the minister quizzed.

“The money we pay is worth it, it is giving good returns to us,” said Nazri.

Full report available here.

Mr. President I am really appalled by the fact that one has to pay, not a small sum mind you, in order to meet with you. I am hoping that, Mr. President, you can clarify whether this is true. Did China, Russia or any other country make such a monetary arrangement to meet with you?

Our country used to be rich but the wealth have been plundered through leakages in big contracts, mismanagement and corruptions. I do not want to bored you with the details but as I had mentioned in my earlier letter, your embassy in KL can provide you with a clearer picture.

I, for one, would object to such a huge sum of money being wasted just to meet up with you, Mr. President, sorry for that. These money can do magic in our country to improve our education system, uplift the living standard of the hard core poor and many other things.

I am sorry if this letter in any way has offended you.

Thank you Mr. President

Richard Loh

A Malaysian First


  1. Well, try emailing to jack cafferty of cnn, may be mr president would reply his stand on this.

  2. If US relation is so important, why BN govt spoilt the relation first, then waste RM 76 million trying to repair

  3. Aiyah, ini tarak otak punya kerja



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