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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Idris Jala 12 Months To Deliver NKRA , No Specifics Mention Should It Fails

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By Neville Spykerman

SUBANG JAYA, Dec 18 – Datuk Seri Idris Jala said today that the government was going out on a limb by making public the initiatives of its NKRAs, and should be judged by the end of next year on whether targets are met. Read full story by The Malaysian Insider here.

What Malaysians want is immediate actions, "walk the talk" and not begging for time. Since Datuk Seri Idris Jala, as usual like an umno stooge is begging for time, I will give him the time as stipulated but the judgement of performances should yield results as the months progresses. We will know whether the initiatives of its NKRAs are put into actions within the first quarter of 2010 and subsequent quarters.

What Datuk Seri Idris Jala did not specify is what he is going to do if all these NKRAs failed to perform. He must stress in detail what the people should do if the NKRAs are not performing according to what the Government prescribed and not just simply resigned from his post.

Will he dare to tell the people to vote in a new Federal Government if he fails?

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Comments by The Malaysian Insider readers.

written by Rakyat, December 18, 2009
Dear Idris, what are you going to do those ministers who not meet the KPI? Dare you fire them?
Pitty you just the puppet of BN.

written by Onlooker, December 18, 2009
All these publicity and apa nama NKRA .... talk only.
50 yrs had passed and we are still going down the drain.
No mention of work culture, NEP, cronism, unfair practices, tidak apa attitude, lop sided legal, etc
(which are the core issues that needs to be address first).

written by seberang, December 18, 2009
If Koh Tsu Koon don't deliver, can you sack him?

written by bob, December 18, 2009
Idris Jala's homeland contributed a large sum of money (from oil) to the federal government since the formation of Malaysia. He should realise that despite the vast natural resources of Sarawak and its contribution to Malaysia, it is still one of the poorest and under-developed "states" in Malaysia. Now he's helping the same party stay in power, helping them to continue plunder the wealth of his homeland.

Najib thinks he wont lose any votes in Sarawak (and Sabah as BN's safety deposit) so we will see Sarawak sidelined yet again to win the votes of West Malaysians.

So if your hometown is really close to your heart Idris, you should not be serving the same government that neglected the development of your state for their enrichment. If you were at all sincere, you would oppose this government.

written by kalamari, December 18, 2009
"Idris Jala asks for 12 months to deliver on NKRA"

Who is he asking? Us? Malaysians?
We didn't ask for NKRA. We didn't ask for KPI.
Your boss did. Based on his self defined targets.
Based on a timeline he set for himself and his people.

The rest of us just want results.
We want it yesterday.

How long does it take to fire the ineffective IGP?
How long does it take to prosecute PKFZ thieves?
Really, how long does 2 phone calls take?

Don't give us YOUR targets with YOUR deadline.
Stop buying time with your self made excuses.

Give us results today.

written by George, December 18, 2009
Oh please, I am not being too pessimistic but the government is too optimistic. The UMNO government cannot even tackle projects of smaller scale, let alone this project which tackles all the economic, social and infrastructure issues. 12 months to see results, must be kidding. All the problems in this country took many years to accumulate.........A joke to solve them in short period. The Malay civil servants we are having. Go to government departments to see how they work, you will understand. Malaysia...........doomed................................

written by George, December 18, 2009
This project is going to fail, the government thinks it can scale the mountain and carry out something of such large scale. Be realistic, do not dream, the money is going into the company who is packaging this idea. Try to find out who is linked to this Public Relations company. Totally camouflaging, what a waste of public funds. Malaysia............................................doomed

written by Buat malu Bario , December 18, 2009
Resign, Idris!

Go earn your living outside. Sign a service contract for what you do and don't expect us to feed you and all your nonsense. Hang Tuah did the same for Sultan Malacca. We all know those MPs are only good at chasing butts like Zizi's!

Oh, you're also a reflection of Shell, too! Hiding losses in the Balance Sheet and oil and gas wells under the sea bed!

written by gsk democrat, December 18, 2009
just take another 4 years..............

written by gsk democrat, December 18, 2009
we no need for u people to compile statistics.........just do your bloody work...........stop wasting time in doing summary................

written by Anak Kedah, December 18, 2009
" other government had undertaken such a massive transformation..."

This is liken to a frog in the well who has not seen the world. The frog jumps out of the well and suddenly finds that the world out there is so big with so many other intelligent species inhabiting it. While the frog is still learning to jump higher because of bigger space, some other species are already flying the plane or rocket. The lone frog says to the world that I am the best animal in town because now I can jum higher and higher. I have my KRA and KPI renewed every year of how high I can jump. Not only that, I can tell every animal in the world that at least I have KRA and KPI to show you. The rest of the species are laughing with amusement that this frog is learning a management system which was introduced way back in the 60s by management gurus. By the way, the frog is UMNO.

written by Basiron, December 18, 2009
Idris, you made a mess with MAS, never actually tackled the corruption or even prosecuted those who were involved. MAS is still not profitable, canceling important routes globally. Let's see you make a monkey out of NKRA..KERA...

written by seer, December 18, 2009
Does this man know what he is talking about?Having been spoonfed(by the kerajaan) all these years does he know how to get the job done?

written by ditto, December 18, 2009
The issue I have with the nangkas is that it is just doing things right. It is the same corporate problem of fixing the process. That is Idris's forte. It is a good thing. Unfortunately, we are at an inflection point. The country need to do the right things. I do not see this in the nangkas.

written by kongboyong, December 18, 2009
crab is what these peas size brain knows

written by wkc, December 18, 2009
The question here is how many warlords' toes are you going to step on and how long will they tolerate you ? Remember they have the most to lose if you are successful in any way..

written by k.Y., December 18, 2009
Put your money where your mouth is!! You don't need 12 months to turn things around. As a so call turnaround manager you must have identified the weaknesses in the system It is a matter of intiating changes, but will the UMNO warlords, the federal enforcement agencies allow you to do it !! If they can bring Badawi down what is so difficult to bring Najib along too. I am concern you have been use as a tool and finally being dump.

written by Bryan, December 18, 2009
Idris Jala, since you need more time. I will give you time. If you failed to delivered, you and your team please tender your resignation letter. Please advice your boss to resign as well because you failed the whole Malaysia. This is my KPI to you. KPI is rubbish without any further action.

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