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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hulu Selangor P94 By Election: HardTalk 5

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I am starting to love immoral umno/bn for talking about morality. PR/PKR candidate, Zaid Ibrahim make mistakes during his teenage life and he had admitted that he did consume liquor. Who does not mistakes during one's life time, maybe only immoral umno/bn elected officials are whiter than white and they are using Zaid's past in their campaign thinking that they can have a landslide win.

I thank GOD for using the Hulu Selangor by election to wake up immoral umno/bn that they now understand what morality is. Immoral umno/bn is calling the voters of Hulu Selangor to reject candidate with past immorality, even though he had admitted and repented for his younger days mistake.

Will immoral umno/bn start cleaning their own house should the voters agree with them about electing a moral candidate and send Zaid packing?

Let me recapped a few cases of immorality within umno/bn for them to start walking their talk.

1)A corrupt umno leader was recently reelected as an adun in a by election in Negri Sembilan. Please remove him for his immorality of being corrupt and call for a by election.

2)One of bn component party ex-leader caught having sex with another woman while still married to his wife but got reelected as the party leader. Please get rid of this leader for his immorality.

3)An elected official consuming liquor and pitchingpinching woman's bottom got promoted and sent over to a foreign country as a high ranking official. This official must be sacked for his immorality.

What do we consider corruption to be, moral or immoral? When compared with consuming liquor, all will agree that corruption is the worst kind of immoral act. Immoral umno/bn must start to rid of all their members whom are corrupted by asking everyone to declare their assets.

Because of immorality, irrespective whether you had repented or it is an adult hood mistake, one cannot stand for public office and this is what immoral umno/bn is preaching now.

To Hulu Selangor voters, you have 6 more days to ask immoral umno/bn whether they are going to sack all leaders and officials, with present and past history of immorality within umno/bn. If they are willing to do so, by all means vote for umno/bn and if they are not willing, fuck them hard and tell them to stop talking and preaching about morality to others.

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