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Monday, April 26, 2010

Najib, Does A Liar Tells Everyone That He Is A Liar?

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Najib, Does A Liar Tells Everyone That He Is A Liar? Or a criminal telling everyone that he had committed a crime? My guess would be 99% will not do that, even if they are caught they will swear in court that they are innocent. Got my drift, Najib?

After looking at the final results for the Hulu Selangor by election, even though Zaid of PKR lost, I did not feel let down nor grieved over the lost. In fact, I was quite satisfied with the Final Results.

Umno leaders playing "Santa Claus in Spring" had openly declared that they will win with a clear majority of 6k to 8k and I believe it could happen, that is why I am happy now because it did not materialised.

Spending approximately 100 million ringgit on a by election saying that it is not buying of votes but to address the problems facing the residents of the constituents. If this is true and not a lie, Najib, let me tell you that there are hundreds other constituencies that also face the same problems by the residents that needed hundreds of million to address. Will you do that now and not only when an MP or Adun has to die before you can carried out your so call programs for the people?

The news media and umno leaders can spin whichever way they wanted on the win but the fact still remain that support for Pakatan Rakyat remain strong and has not wavered a bit.

Yes, a win is a win, even if it is by one vote but in the eyes of most Malaysians and to a certain extend, other countries, the big question is, is this win legitimate, did the winner breaks any rules to claim victory?

I am also happy with the results because umno could not even win with a 2k majority but only managed to scrap through with a 1725 majority, that is less than 30% of their prediction of 6k to 8k, indicating the reluctance of the voters to believe in the PM's rhetoric and slogans of 1Malaysia and the NEM.

PR/PKR lost is a Heroic Lost but Umno's win is a SHAMEFUL win.

The results indicated that there are still support from all races for Pakatan Rakyat although the percentage may varies. There are still a solid 50% Malaysians supporting Pakatan Rakyat and it is a strong sign that PutraJaya is within reach and that is all it matters.

1 comment:

  1. Agreed with all that is said about the by election at Hulu Selangor. Going forward, Pakatan Rakyat must not lose heart in the continuous struggle for a safe Malaysia for all Malaysians, where justice is upheld at all cost and economic wealth is evenly distributed to all who deserved them. Putrajaya is within reach for Pakatan Rakyat come next GE!



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