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Monday, November 2, 2009

Najib's Statements Smacked With Hypocrisy And Stupidity

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The more PM Najib speaks, the more it shows his hypocrisy and stupidity. The more he talks the more it deviates from his own manufactured slogan of "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" rhetoric.

A wrong is a wrong, it does not matter one, two or a dozen people committed it. If it is wrong, actions must be taken, they cannot be defended and the wrong cannot just be swiped swept under the carpet.

I had suggested at my earlier posting Task Force Created To Look Into PM's Integrity And Capability? and it looks like Parliament has to seriously consider my suggestion.

Let us take a look at how his talks that were smacked with hypocrisy and stupidity. The Star report which I abstracted from Malaysia Today, can be read in full here

What Najib said in italic and what I said in red.
(The Star) - Racist comments from “one or two Umno leaders” should be ignored because the majority of members in the party are not racists, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

If Najib's "1Malaysia" does not condone racist comments in whatever form, he must take immediate action and not take defensive connotation just because of one or two. Najib must explained whether racist remark is wrong within his "1Malaysia" concept or is it acceptable depending on who make such comment.

The Umno president stressed that the party’s policies had always been fair, inclusive, democratic and open.
Your wife ask people not to listen to lies and by this statement of yours, its full of lies, thus following the advise of your wife we cannot accept it.

“Umno is not a racist party. From the beginning, we wanted a multiracial society. Don’t listen to one or two leaders talk; that’s different. Any party has leaders like them. But look at our policies from Day One,” he said at the opening of the Gerakan national delegates conference yesterday.
97% of my poll results agreed that Umno is a racist party. You may said that my poll is inaccurate or irrelevant and insist that Umno is not a racist party. If you are not, Walk The Talk. My suggestions in my earlier posting:

Open the Umno membership to all Malaysians.

Enact a law that prohibit any kind of racist slur, calling people to leave if they do not like it here, pendatang cannot be associated with any Malaysian citizen.

Restructure the NEP so that the real poor malays can benefit from it and stop those who already make it from continuing to exploit the NEP.

Remove the BTN program and appoint professional educationists to run the education system and for GOD sake leave politics out of it.

Ensure that Meritocracy reign in Malaysia.

Read my full posting here.

“It is not because we say so but because we are willing to change. We hear the voice of Malaysia and we will continue to commit ourselves to the people of Malaysia,” he said.
Again, talk is cheap, is there really any change thus far? I had provided the summary of the first part of feedback and suggestions to your KPI minister which you can read here. If you really want to hear the voice of the rakyat, please take immediate actions on my feedback and suggestions to debunk the people's perception that your "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" are just hot air and nothing else.

Najib reiterated that his mission as Prime Minister was to lead all Malaysians.
How can you lead all Malaysians when your premiership is elected by umno members only? Let all Malaysians decide and choose the PM that they want. Can you agree to it?

Umno, he said, derived its strength from the country’s racial diversity.

“That’s our uniqueness. We can celebrate our diversity,” he added.

Please do not speak about racial diversity and uniqueness, which are all lies till this moment. Walk your talk and act upon what I said above before you embark further on your slogan "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" rhetoric and make a fool of yourselves to Malaysians and the whole world.

Barisan, he said, had to be fair to all races within the context of the Federal Constitution and the Rukun Negara.
Are you not telling another lie, if Barisan is fair to all races, why is there an uprising from the Indians, other races with good results cannot enter universities and obtain scholarships, need I write more about umno/bn discrimination policies?

“We must hold on to the philosophy that we are a unique country. Our forefathers had the wisdom to go on the basis of integration,” he said.
I have nothing more to describe on this statement of yours, its just smack with hypocrisy and stupidity.

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