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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kudos To Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop, Tasting Your Own Medicine Now!

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The Malaysian Insider had this heading report:

"Federal Government frustrated with Penang Government"

but I am sure most Penangnites will agree with me that it would be more appropriate this way

"Penang Government Frustrated With Federal Government".

From The Malaysian Insider report, Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop stated that the federal government is frustrated with the Penang state government for not cooperating with federal agencies, especially in approving planned projects.

Nor Mohamed said the state government should give equal and fair treatment to all agencies regardless whether they are federal, state or private agencies.
Read full report here.

It is a very clear indication and adamant of the Federal Government not to provide the necessary funding to all States that are under Pakatan Rakyat's ruling. The rakyat under PR rule are continuing to pay all the required taxes to the Federal Government yet the Federal Government had told PR States not to harbor any hopes of getting federal funds by holding back their rightful allocations.

I would like Nor Mohamed to tell the Federal Government that it should give equal and fair treatment to all Malaysian States regardless whether they are under Pakatan Rakyat or Umno/bn rule. If you Nor Mohamed got the guts to say this and ensure that the Federal Government listen to you, I will personally go to the Penang State Government to ask them to look into your Federal Government and Agencies grievances.

Until you do so, I will insist that the Penang Government continue to frustrate you and your Federal Agencies. Like the taste of your own medicine?

Before I forget, Nor Mohamed, please stuff the "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" silly rhetoric into some holes until you and your Federal Government repent and come clean in all dealings that uses the public funds.


  1. We, the electorate of this country is no longer fooled by the no-brainers in UMNO/BN!
    I suggest that the people of all PR states pay all their taxes and dues to the state government which can then use it for the developement of their states (instead of it going into the pockets of the crooks)
    Don't let the crooks get their dirty hands on the money!!

  2. This is not a crime watch form lah. It is more to police bashing and another PR machine. Fight crime lah. We vote you because we want you to perform and bukan cakap. You can cakap apa apa pun like a tv with sound but no picture. I am thinking not to vote for PR next term lah.



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