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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Task Force Created To Look Into PM's Integrity And Capability?

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The government has set up a high-powered task force, headed by chief secretary to the government Mohd Sidek Hassan, to study the 2008 Auditor-General’s report and initiate appropriate action against those responsible for financial irregularities and abuse of power mentioned in the report.

Another Task Force to look into another Task Force findings. Will there be another, another Task Force to look into the second Task Force?

Things are really getting out of hand for PM Najib. What is he trying to achieve by creating Task Force after Task Force, any guarantee of catching the culprits.

The following pargraph is abstracted from Din Merican blog posting providing his ideas on how the Government should act instead of setting up more Task Force:

The government does not need a Task Force to deal with the Auditor-General’s report; what it needs is the political will to take action quickly to deal with the mismanagement of the various ministries by senior civil servants. The Chief Secretary is ultimately responsible for the proper functioning of the civil service. He should, therefore, haul up the Secretary-Generals of ministries identified by the Auditor-General and ask them to explain their excesses and other departures from the General Orders and Treasury regulations. Then the MACC should be called in to deal with those who have flouted the guidelines and procedures, and there should be no cover-ups.

I am sure any PM with integrity and capability will be abled to fight leakages and corruptions within the civil service, since we already have the Auditor-General, Secretary-Generals of ministries, MACC and the police who have the power to handle without setting another Task Force.

After six months into office, the PM is not really interested in fighting corruptions whereby immediate actions can be taken by the MACC on the PKFZ and the 2008 Auditor-General findings but instead trying to prolong the issues by creating Task Force after Task Force and just hoping that all will be swept under the carpet.

The integrity and capability of the PM is now put into question, not forgetting that he had carried a load of baggages into his premiership.

Should we not create a Task Force to look into the PM's integrity, capability, performances and maybe as well as his load of baggages?

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