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Friday, November 27, 2009

Muhyiddin Yassin Defended Biro Tata Negara (BTN) = 1Malaysia, So It = Najib's Slogan?

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Finally we have the truth and the real meaning of Najib's "1Malaysia". We read the news report that Muhyiddin Yassin defended the controversial Biro Tata Negara (BTN) courses today as a form of nationalism in line with the 1 Malaysia concept despite growing criticisms of racism and political indoctrination.

One question though, why start the rhetoric of "1Malaysia" when all these years the BTN courses are already a form of nationalism in line with the 1 Malaysia concept, as what the DPM claimed. Shouldn't it be functioning already in bringing the people of all races forging a common Malaysian consciousness and identity, transcending their ethnic, religious, cultural and linguistic differences.

But, Najib does not think so, that is the reason why he came out with the slogan of "1Malaysia". He saw that after 52 years, the nation building is a total failure and getting even worst. This is what I think about Najib and his "1Malaysia" slogan unless he is just creating a superficial connotation of public welfare while trying to fish for votes.

We have to wait for Najib's response to the real intention of the BTN courses. Does he agree with what his DPM claimed, if he does, then we are in big trouble because the breaking news from those who had attended these BTN courses totally disagreed with what the DPM claimed it to be and that is "a form of nationalism in line with the 1 Malaysia concept".

While we wait to hear what the PM has to say, please read from those who had attended these BTN courses have to say.

‘BTN taught me the Chinese are the Jews of Asia’
In the hall, students were asked to turn off their mobile phones.

During the lectures, questions were planted among the audience and the students were advised not ask raise any questions.

One speaker began with the history of Malaysia and how much the country had gone through, always emphasising the May 13 riots.

He stressed the point of how much the Malays had sacrificed and how the community should be united especially from outside threat — the Chinese community.

He said that the Chinese community were “the Jews of Asia” and were just itching to take over when Malays were disunited and broken.

The speaker also revealed a greater Chinese conspiracy where the Chinese Malaysians were working together with Singapore to topple the Malay government.
Read the full story here

This is what YB Lim Kit Siang said at his blog:
Close down Biro Tata Negara if Najib is serious, sincere and genuine about the 1Malaysia concept.

This is what BTN is all about.
See these video clips. These ‘patriotic songs’ were created by people such as Nordin Kardi of BTN. Note the lyrics that are meant to inflame the Malays at their ‘loss’ of their country to the non-Malays. Any wonder why the Malays hate and distrust the non-Malays after 52 years of indoctrination and brainwashing by Umno?
See video clips here.

It’s more than just political.
By the time the course ends the Malays would understand that the non-Malays are the enemy and that Umno is the only protection they have against the Chinese, Indians and ‘others’. This is what BTN is all about.
Read the thoughts of Raja Petra Kamarudin(RPK) about BTN here.

Below are a few comments from readers who had attended these courses abstracted from various online news report, we do not expect these to be reported by the MSM, do we?.

'I have attended this BTN course. It is a brainwashing session where they tell us that our country will be destroyed if we don't support BN. Learning about '1Malaysia', nationalism and unity'? My foot.'

I have attended this BTN course. Yes, it is a brainwashing session where they were telling us that the other races must get a lesser amount of 'durian' because we are the 'pendatang' and we had agreed to accept a lesser amount.

Therefore we could not question anything, just shut up and eat the 'durian' you get or go back to China or India. It's very much politically biased and they were showing recordings of the Bersih and Hindraf rallies saying chaos will take place if we don't support BN.

And that our country will be destroyed. 'Learning about 1Malaysia, about nationalism and unity'? My foot.

Camverra Jose Maliamauv:
In the year 2000, during my first year at Universiti Teknologi Petronas, I was one of those selected to attend the Kem Bina Negara. We were sent to an army camp in Kedah.

Out of all the lectures and physical activities etc, I will always remember two main things. The first was a lecture and discussion during which the instructor concluded at the end that non- Malays should not question the special rights and privileges of the Malays and that we should just work harder to move up.

And secondly, during another lecture, one of the 'threats to national security' that were highlighted was 'parti politik baru' (a coincidence that this was the year after 1999?).

Jawahar Hassan:
Everybody who attend BTN camps knew the exact nature of the BTN courses during which you are required to surrender all the handphones and recording devices to the person in charge. What's the reason behind this? Why such a rule? Is there anything to hide?
Read more here.

wahpunbeitahan my daughter told me that she attended similar brain-washing camp not long ago. Handphones not allowed, racist lecture and other races (pendatang) other than Malays are urged to just accept what they have, do not ask for more. Luckily chinese and Indians are hard-working by nature. So you guess I believe my daughter more or the BN more ? Well, keep on lying ... just be prepared to pack your bag and go in the next election. We do not need governement like this.

by Suhakam
I had attended BTN as a requirement before going for my postgraduate study. All they talk is about how great BN is and no other political party can bring peace to the country. The worst thing is they justify giving contracts to BN cronies even if they are not capable to do the job. BTN is a waste of tax payer money.
Read more here.

written by cckkpr, November 26, 2009
Many attendees of such courses have indicated that they felt humiliated, traumatic and totally disillusioned after attending such courses. We should inculcate positive values and now sow hatred among the various communities. If Bend doesnt change, change will come to you and God bless Malaysia!

written by tk, November 26, 2009
Tak yah nak bohong lah Muhyiddin. I have been to one ok. It was a 5 day course and indeed the so-called trainers/motivators had nothing in mind but to slam and badmouth Pakatan Rakyat or Opposition parties. Anwar was said to be a Pengkhianat Melayu and an agent to some Yahudi movement; DAP is a pure Chinese party whose main aim is to take over the country and once it does that, Malays will be sidelined ( Belanda dapat tanah); PAS was said to be the "Pemecah Melayu" and that will make the Malays in the country weak. And guess what...who was said to be the saviour of all Malaysians...UMNO and UMNO ONLY. Whoe else.
We were also taught to hate and not to trust the Chinese and Indians and must always remember that Malaysia is a Malay's land.

So please a responsible politician. Dont simply make statements and deny this and if ALL OF US are stupid and can simply swallow your lies. Be honest for once will you. Check you facts first before you start firing you lies.

I dont mind you saying that the Goverment is looking into it an will make necesary adjustments. But to simply DENY everything....that really gets on my nerves.

written by wkc, November 26, 2009
Even with all the public outcry and anger over BTN, you deliberately go all out to defend this racist brainwashing agency. It means only one thing - you have total disregard and contempt for the PM's 1Malaysia concept and the rakyat's opinions and wishes. It will register in our minds for a very long time to come and you can save on your next fictitious speeches on "national unity".

written by JCz, November 26, 2009
I can testify about what happened to participants in BTN as I've also attended one of those a few years back. While during my time they don't state out that UMNO is our only 'savior', they told us repeatedly that only the current government could maintain stability in M'sia & any opposition is just talking nonsense without any skills to run the country. They've also shown us a chart on the income disparity in M'sia & told us that NEP is to help those poor Malays(which we all know is to help enrich a few UMNO putras).
Furthermore, they forced the non-Muslims to acknowledge that the Malays are the tuan in M'sia & we should just be glad for getting our citizen-ships. We were then asked to take a test answering questions about how great the Malays are & we should not challenge them. Fail the test & we won't be allowed to continue in our respective universities.

I'm a Chinese, born & bred in M'sia. But during the entire BTN, it was nothing but torture & shame. Just like what the Nazi's made of the Jews.
Read more here.

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