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Thursday, November 12, 2009

KPI Minister, My Feedback Suggestions No:11

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The government is seeking public feedback and ideas on ways to improve national unity and 1Malaysia.

National unity under the new 1Malaysia concept must seek to remove the barrier of majority/minority and race base way of dealing or implementing of national policies.

Source: Wikipedia
The Malaysian New Economic Policy (NEP or DEB for Dasar Ekonomi Baru in Malay), is an ambitious and controversial socio-economic restructuring affirmative action program launched by the Malaysian government in 1971 under the then Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak. The NEP ended in 1990, and was succeeded by the National Development Policy in 1991. Although the NEP was hailed in some quarters as having reduced the socioeconomic disparity between the Chinese minority and Malay majority, others accused it of having reduced non-Malays to the status of second-class citizens by cementing ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy). The NEP is often invoked as part of the Malay Agenda, which is in turn part of the Malaysian social contract granting Malays special rights in return for citizenship for non-Malays.

The implementation of the NEP was one of the National Operations Council, (NOC) first decisions, and the plan had the stated goal of "eventually eradicat[ing] poverty...irrespective of race" through a rapidly expanding economy, which would reduce the non-Malay share of the economy in relative terms, while increasing it in absolute terms.

Many non-Malay Malaysians were used to the NEP and accepted the true fact that the poor Malays do need help by way of the NEP to reduced the socioeconomic disparity between the Chinese minority and Malay majority. The non-Malay Malaysians stood on their own two feet to weather through thick and thin of the economy over the years.

What the non-Malay Malaysians cannot accept now is that the original purpose and implementation of the NEP were not adhered to, instead it was hijacked by certain powerful quarters to make a handful of the rich and well connected to become even richer. It is also used for political agenda. It is now a one party NEP helping only those that are well connected and aligned to the party.

How can National unity and 1Malaysia be successful if it continues to hijack the NEP by the leaders of one political party to enrich themselves.

My feedback suggestion #11 to the KPI Minister:

Open up the NEP to all eligible poor Malaysians, like it was originally planned for. Stop those who already make it from further exploiting the NEP.

The KPI Minister must really study and look into the following statement if National unity is what Najib's wanted:

"The NEP no longer helps the poor but is instead an institutionalized system of handouts for the largest ethnic community in Malaysia as the NEP does not discriminate based on economic class. Bumiputras of high and low economic standing are entitled to the same benefits."

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