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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Poll: What Do You Think Of MACC Latest Blitz

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MACC blitz top all news headlines:

Sabak Bernam MP, 4 others to be charged

Blitz continues: MACC arrests ex-Gerakan state rep

Sabak Bernam MP and four others to be charged with graft

(Bernama) -- A member of parliament (MP), who is also a former Selangor assemblyman, was among three people nabbed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in Selangor today on suspicion of corruption and cheating.

The other two were an assistant of the MP and a former aide of the Selangor Menteri Besar, MACC said in a statement here.

From my point of view, a well planned charade by MACC to try and fool the stupid rakyat. I, for one, is not going to be excited and cheer the MACC for what they are doing.

Should we be grateful for what they are doing, NO, it is their job and we pay them to perform their duties, previously, now and the future. Why are they shouting so loud of their accomplishment (actually not accomplish as yet)? Are these actions taken under instruction from someone outside other than MACC? What is the motive behind this blitz? Does Najib has a hand in it, trying to topple the Selangor State Government?

Sure, those that are caught, some are from Umno/BN, am I surprise, again NO. In order to achieve a bigger evil plot, some foot soldiers have to be scarified.

Many of you will bombard me for saying all these, they do their job, you are not happy, they are not doing their job, you are also not happy.

Well, well, my friend, don't you see what they are trying to do, to let you believe that they are now doing their work without fear or favor, they want you all to trust them and this will in turn lead back to Najib's "1Malaysia, People First Performance Now" slogan, so you people will return to Umno/bn fold.

What happen to PKFZ, Auditor-General’s report, the 24 million ringgit bungalow, Bakti, previous Selangor government finishing their yearly budget allocations within a month, the submarine so called "commission" and the many other suspected cases of multi million corruptions.

We see MACC are keen in fighting corruptions but only on the so call "ikan bilis" while the big shark are still swimming happily.

MACC blitz on these people are not accomplishment, we have to wait for them to be charged in court, found guilty and sentenced. How many will end up a free man after long and winding court cases and who are they, your guess is as good as mine.

My poll today is placed at the top of the page, please vote.

What Do You Think Of MACC Latest Blitz?

Serious In Fighting Corruptions
Charade To Lead You To Believe They Are Serious
Camouflage For Not Taking Actions On Other Multi Million Corruption Cases
Plot To Topple The Selangor State Government


  1. Hi Richard,

    Swinging by to read your blog and to take the poll. Keep up the good work, dear friend!

    warmest wishes

  2. MCCA dare to nab all former BN MPs and not present MPs & ADUNs? why2? Just to show and bullshit.

  3. Hi Rich:) good initiative on the poll...I may do a news report -- will inform Thee in good time. Cheers, YL, Desi

  4. Together we screw them all at next 13GE (and finished off our unfinished biz)and bury them for good, come rain or shine!

  5. arrest lah...Najib already say in the budget that MACC suffers (only) from image problem

    just look at the Perak frogs trial. I predictc that they would be acquited.



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