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Thursday, October 29, 2009

KPI Minister, Summary First Part Feedback Suggestions Nos: 1 - 8

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The government is seeking public feedback and ideas on ways to improve national unity and 1Malaysia.

Before I proceed any further on my feedback suggestions, let us look back on the past 8 feedback suggestions to the KPI Minister.

My first part of feedback suggestions fall in line with Najib's "1Malaysia" and "Performance Now" rhetoric. Leaders must always take the lead to fulfill whatever dream that they are dreaming before imposing them onto others. This is even more important for the leader who claimed that the idea of "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" is his.

Did we really see the leaders put their talks into actions among themselves first, other than introducing more 1's such as 1toilet, 1camp, 1MalaysiaF1 and we expect more of these 1's to crop up.

In order for any good idea to be successful when put into action, the one who proposes such idea, together with his team, must start the action among themselves first.

After six months of extensive promotion and millions of ringgit that had poured into Najib's "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" slogan, we have yet to see the true "1Malaysia" spirit and real "Performance Now" from any of his ministry and the civil service. Najib and gang still think that they own the country and they can continue to do as they please and some actions taken are so deplorable and worst than before.

They have yet to look into how to implement their "1Malaysia People First Performance Now" slogan.

Since they requested for feedback suggestions, I took the liberty to provide them the first part which are the critical ones that they must act upon in order to show that their "Performance Now" slogan can really works.

#1 Let Pakatan Rakyat Takes Over The Federal Government
This is off the calve suggestion and the reason I suggested it is because what Najib had implemented so far are mostly copying from PR earlier proposals should they take over the Federal Government.

#2 A Fixed Date For General Election
How can we expect the EC to perform fairly when they are still under umno's command.

#3 The Prime Minister Be Elected By All Malaysian Voters
"1Malaysia" means all the citizens of Malaysia. How to claim that "1Malaysia" stand for all Malaysians when the PM of Malaysia is voted in by only 1 particular group of umno's members.

#4 Repeal The Press And Printing Act
"Performance Now" means the truth must be told and not by hiding or spinning through the controlled media.

#5 Open The Feedback Suggestions In Detail To The Public
We need to know what the public feedback and suggestions are.

#6 Overhaul The Judiciary
Do I need to say more about this.

#7 MACC To Be Independent And Perform Without Fear Or Favor
The recent attacks on PR controlled States for suspected small sum of bribery leading to the death of Teoh Beng Hock while the umno warlords are left untouched indicates that Najib's "Performance Now" means nothing but just hot air.

#8 Implement The Independent Commission On Police Misconduct And Complaints (IPCMC)
The PDRM is suppose to protect the people but instead is used as umno's tool to mount rampaged against the Perak State Assemblymen. So can you blame the people for not believing in Najib's "Performance Now" rhetoric.

My second part of feedback suggestions will be in line with people and unity.

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