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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Malaysian Journalists/Reporters, NUJM, Don't Be A Crying Baby

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I read two postings at Free Malaysia Today here, and here that prompted me to put up this posting.

I am very disturbed at what the NUJM president Norila Daud said:

Norila said the NUJM hoped that all quarters in Pakatan Rakyat would be more sensitive, adopt a professional attitude and understand the job of journalists who conveyed news to the people who had voted them into power.

“NUJM once again stresses that no one can stop journalists from covering government matters which are linked to the welfare of the people,” she said.

She said Malaysia was a democratic country and the media had a role to report whatever the government did for the people.

My questions to Norila, does the journalists in Malaysia really understand their job? Are they really the one who convey the news to the people or is it their media bosses? Does the journalists really understand why they are being stop from covering an event?

I want to remind Norila that Malaysia is a democratic country by name ONLY, especially the media.

The journalists/reporters responsibilities do not end after they submitted their reports for publication. They must read what is published the next day and verify that the published news are true and correct as what they had reported. Are there any twist or spin to their reports or total black out of damaging news and when they are told what they had reported are incorrect or it is one sided, do they insist their publishers that the right of reply must be allowed?

Why are journalists/reporters being stopped from covering, it is not personal against the journalists/reporters but the badge that they wear that represent the media. And why is it so, the journalists/reporters themselves should know why, because they allow their bosses to twist and spin or black out damaging news on their reports and dare not confront and insist that their reports which are true and fair must not be distorted to their bosses whim and fancy. All because of the rice bowl and if that is the case, then can we recognised them as being professional with good journalism ethics and practice in their field of work to ensure only the truth and fair reporting are being published plus no BLACK OUT?

My request to NUJM is to get into the heart of the real problem of Malaysia MSM and not cry over the problems that are perpetuated from your so called "DEMOCRATIC" country that controlled the MSM. Fight to your "death" to have a FREE MSM and I can assured you that the problem of stopping journalists/reporters from covering any event will be the thing of the past.

and what YL Chong aka Desiderata wrote:

Most journalists that I know — and I have had more than two decades of newsroom labour — work hard for a living, with an initial idealistic commitment to the good journalism ethics and practice. They, which include my two charges at the moment just three weeks old, deserve a certain degree of respect as they strive to embrace and practise good journalism.

Good journalism ethics and practice come with sacrifice. Here we are talking about the controlled MSM. The Rock and the Dah, we know who they are, don't we. Can they face the mirror and ask themselves, "AM I A JOURNALIST WITH ETHICS, INTEGRITY PROVIDING A TRUE AND FAIR REPORTS"? I have no answer for that, only they themselves and GOD knows.

If journalists/reporters are working hard for a living by bending and looking the other way should their reports are being distorted, twisted and spin by their bosses, can we still call these type of reports as good journalism ethics and practice?

To my new found friend, YL Chong, I have no problem with your online news reporting just trying to stress a point to those who try to look at the wrong side of things. We are not "shooting the messenger" as claimed but the messengers are being shot at by their own media bosses.

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