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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

KPI Minister, My Feedback Suggestions No:7

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Do we still need the MACC?

From Corruptions-->Money Politics-->Technical Matters

Corruption - The act of corrupting, or state of being corrupt, putrid, or rotten, wickedness, loss of purity or integrity, vitiating influence, more specifically bribery.

I could not find the definition for Money Politic in any dictionary but I am quite sure Dewan Pustaka will come out with one in the next kamus new edition. Until than, corruption is still corruption and when committed is a crime in this country as far as I know, till today. But it looks like those walking in the corridor of power, can and will interpret corruptions in such way as to protect themselves and their ever so obedient lackeys.

So, which term is the government or rather umno/bn is going to interpret the PKFZ fiasco other than corruptions? Will it be private money or corporate money and all these are private technical matters involving PKA and their contractors and consultants only? As long as PKA take action and suspend the contractors and consultants for a period of time, all matters will be resolved. After the suspension period, all parties can than start anew and work together again. Why involve the MACC?

If corruptions within political parties can be allowed to be interpreted in anyway just to rid of the MACC involvement, likewise so can other private entities and within the civil service. Do we still need the MACC?

My Feedback Suggestions #7 to the KPI minister;

The MACC is to fight corruptions and to bring those involved to face justice, any kind of corruptions that involved any party/parties, person/persons whoever they may be.
Allow the MACC to work independently, without fear or favor and stop all political influences. Do not allow the description of corruptions to be torn apart by anyone to suit their needs, especially umno/bn. Get MACC to fight corruptions, big or small, all political parties, private entities and individuals, anywhere, any place within this country.

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