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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

KPI Minister, My Feedback Suggestions No:2

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The government is seeking public feedback and ideas on ways to improve national unity and 1Malaysia.

KPI Minister, my feedback and suggestions #1 may be hard for you to swallow so I will pose my suggestion #2.

For unity and Najib's dream of 1Malaysia to work efficiently, we must look at all aspect from the Constitution, the ruling government and it's agencies right to the ground, and that is, the rakyat. Today's feedback and suggestions #2 is on the General Election.

The GE is the core network that fully involve the rakyat which in turn will reflect whether the unity among the rakyat is strong and 1Malaysia truly is being accepted.

The people voted their government, once every 5 years and would like to see how the winning party/coalition that they voted in, perform. Although the EC ruling allows the GE to be called at any time within the 5 years and not over, does it show any unity between the rakyat and the ruling government? At the moment, the ruling party can call for a GE at their whim and fancy, that is, whenever the time indicates that they are ready and the country environment and condition are at their advantage.

In order for unity and 1Malaysia to function appropriately, I suggest that a fixed date be introduced by the EC for the GE. Let's take the March 08 2008, 12th GE as an example to fix the 13th and future GE. The 13th GE is due on the 7th March 2013, so can we start by introducing the fix date for polling on the 7th March, every 5 years, that is, 7th March 2013, 7th March 2018, 7th March 2023.....

When we talk of unity and 1Malaysia, we conclude that fairness and equality are put into play as well.

KPI Minister, may I remind you that when you want unity and Najib's dream of a 1Malaysia to work, you must consider every citizen of this country, as Malaysians. You cannot simply ignore any Malaysians that opposed the ruling government and are not willing to incorporate them into the system. Should you leave any opposing Malaysians out of the picture, then your unity and 1Malaysia are just hot air coming out from your asses.

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